Art Taught Me to Flip Negatives Into Positives

Read how visual art taught me to turn negatives into positives.

A happy woman painting!
by Matt Vaillette, 2016

Creating improvised art put me up against challenges. I didn't know what I was drawing until it was nearly finished. That lead to a lot of hideous visual problems.

I usually recovered from them. This not only lead to new, unexpected art; I learned how resilient I could be with practice.

I began to handle life better. I started to look at difficulties as challenges rather than something dreadful. I was much happier.

It all happened quickly too. My whole life flipped around over the course of a few hours—while I was making art.

With all these changes happening I suddenly had new ideas; Lots of new ideas about my life and art. Art and videogames were both fantastic testing grounds for them!

Idea Playgrounds

Art and games continue to be regular habits... and not just because they're fun. They're important tools for self-growth, resiliency, and developing skills; Stuff that benefits me every moment of the day.

I hope you have such places that you can be yourself, relax, and explore. It's human and effective!