How About Art Auctions?

Look! I'm going to start auctioning art on my facebook page.

The art auctions will happen on my facebook page soon.
(Be sure to like it!)

Illustration of an artwork being auctioned. Matt Vaillette, 2016

You'll see more of these fictional auctioneers soon.

Auction Rules

My goal is that YOU have FUN! I want you to get steals from time to time too!

Rules for each item will be known... but each auction will vary!

Possible Rules

  • Auction Duration
  • Minimum Starting Bids
  • Bidding Increments
  • Other, more creative rules!

Different artworks and holidays will surely inspire some themed rules!

What's Being Auctioned??

One piece at a time! There will be an unveiling before each is auctioned.

Are You Psyched?!?!

I hope so! Tell me in the comments. =)

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I first mentioned doing art auctions here in my New Year's resolution post. (2015/2016)

My first art auction happened on January 8th, and my second auction starts January 15th 2016!