See a Colorful Artist Create Lively [Portrait Art] [Video]

Watch me make art. Read about my art. This is my livestream!

The Live Stream:

The video. It's an hour long, but I'll be honored if you just skip around =)

Smile! 7 Portrait Artworks

7 upbeat portrait paintings; Created during the stream!

no.2 ♥ Image of a Happy Giant

Should creating art feel easy? Cause this one felt easy. And I really enjoyed it.

It just came together well...pretty automatically. I guess it helps to be open-minded when you make art!

Anyways—This painting cannot frown. Just a big happy giant in his big pants.

He barely fits on the page! =)

Portrait of a giant by Matt Vaillette

no.3 ♥ Super Colorful Happy Boy

Do you like these colors?

I think this is a love or hate piece. It's intense; even for me!

I started this one with some VERY dischordant colors and shapes.

After a minimal amount of marks, and some hue changes... it ended just as BOLDLY.

But in this eye-searing portrait I still find that calm, content smile.... to be rather enjoyable!

I finished the piece to my favorite song in the set. "Same Dream China" by Gold Panda(booyah!)

Happy portrait of boy by Matt Vaillette

no.4 ♥ "Blue Cut Out"

Quirky blue & yellow portrait by Matt Vaillette

The name? My friend Shana, who was watching, dubbed it "the blue cut out."

This is because as I spun, snipped, and cut this canvas ...

& one of my cuts revealed a big ultramarine blue rectangle!

Very unusual. From there: I carved everything up to bring out this chill guy.

I finally laid down some containing outlines, and paint bucketed some color variety into it.

This is digital art! It doesn't have to be "just another way to paint". It can also be a collage tool too.

And SO much more.

no.5 ♥ Making Faces (Haha)

Girl making faces & night sky by Matt Vaillette

Wanna laugh? Ha. Watch this part of the video below: 45:35 - 46:15 !!!

It shows me impersonating the character in this drawing! Several times. Her expression looks like HILARITY on my face.

Laughter is boss. Bwaha. But really. Almost anything can be funny… and I believe we should laugh at most of it :)

The artwork? A girl? Enjoying the night sky. Very exhuberantly.

First song:(LOVE this remix) "It's Only - DJ Koze Mix" by Herbert

Second song: "The Audience" by Herbert

no.6 ♥ Pretty Purple Person! (yay)

Pretty purple girl by Matt Vaillette

If you check the video (47:15) would you guess that the preliminary drawing turns into this??

She's so pretty! This was one of the quickest drawings of the night... and I think I love it the most.

I didn't know what I was depicting till around (28:29) …and even then I only knew it was some Shakespearean era garb.

Once I had blocked in her face, I still wasn't sure.

But as I dragged that thin pink line across her face, I knew! A pretty girl.

Yay. Still very proud of this portrait.

no.1 ♥ Bizarre painting

The first drawing of the night! (not my favorite)

It started with some random shapes. I splashed some pixels over that—leading to more bizarre shapes.

It just wasn't cooperating.

Or was it? I felt good—and it was leading somewhere! (where?)

This strange soul.

A bizarre portrait painting by Matt Vaillette

no.7 ♥ The final finale!

My no6 artwork was supposed to be the last of the night;

In fact, I had intended to only stream for a half hour!!!

But I did this little doodle message - to say goodbye! And I rather like it. So I saved it. Enjoy!

"bye!" portrait doodle by by Matt Vaillette

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