4 Vibrant [Drawings] With a Price Tag of $0 [Sold][Public Art]

Read about how I'm doing—and view some art that I'm prepping!!

As of now:

It's 11:08 AM. I wheatpasted some prints last night. They're mostly dry. (Plywood, paper, and flour!)

I got my real camera out finally. No more mobile photo. Plus the rug backdrop. Oh yea!!!

A happy lion!

An oldie and a goodie. This art print I put together as a gift to a young friend named Reece!


A happy lion. Art print by Matt Vaillette

Happy Woman

I created this drawing a week ago maybe? I'm loving how she came out.

The grain of the wood seeps through. Very subtly. It really works with those tans and browns! It's hard to see in this blurry pic. My hand is shaky.


Gleeful portrait of a woman!

Woman. With a hand for a nose.

Haha. She's so serene despite her handy-nosy predicament. Be proud of yourself. And your nose!


Serene woman with a hand-like nose! by Matt Vaillette.

Dazed Desperado.

Or yeah. Created this not too long ago. Still; before I made all my art super-happy.

If you'll notice—The eyes are hearts. The emotion of this is still puzzling and vague though. =]


Dazed person with hearts for eyes. Print by Matt Vaillette.

Recent Art Struggles


Tiiiiiime. My precious

My most time consuming activity right now is sizing, printing, and preparing each print for mounting.

This isn't my only project, but it acts like it is! :)

Lots going on lately. I like being busy, but I also like having infinite time. If only! ♥♥♥

Materials (plywood!)

I'm running out of plywood, soon. That's what I mount these drawings/prints to.

I should be able to grab some plywood this weekend... But if I run out beforehand it might slow things down.

I probs won't run out... but:

Contact me if you've got any scrap wood you don't want. In Leominster, MA. ♥♥♥

I don't really have transportation but I'm on Water St (near downtown Leominster).

Money! (of course)

Art is what I do! And I'm not exactly established, yet! So money is a thing.

I'm not working too hard at selling right now because...

I'm focusing on figuring out new ways to create affordable art objects. So more people can afford to own my art! ♥♥♥

and consume the happy messages!

Send me feedback!!

Send me some feedback! A thank you, or some constructive criticism. Please and thanks~ :)

Note: I'm a recluse. I don't really know what's going on…so tell me what you think!!!

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