Vivid Art Given to Happy Citizens [Public Art][Sept 6th 2015]

Read about my latest "art drop" in Leominster!

I left some free art in the park today for people to take home. The public art event happened at Carter Park in Leominster, MA.

The Artwork

I used this method [DIY] to mount these beautiful artworks on plywood. You should try it yourself!

Some of the art is original drawings and some are prints I made. They're held on using homemade wheat paste—which also protects the art from rain which can be useful. It was raining for the Sept 13th art hunt.


Some awesome people showed up around 8am while we placed the art! They (excitedly) took this artwork home. And they were super nice!

Hiding Spots

We put most of the art in and around trees. They were easy hiding spots this time... but last year I was a bit sneakier about where I hid them!

Here are some more. This time there was some original art. Hunts since this one have been mostly digital art prints that I print from my home printer.

The Reason I Do This

It feels good. :) It doesn't take much to make most people happy—especially when the effort is unexpected! I might brighten your day and in turn you might do something kind as well.

Kindness is contagious and people often "pay it forward" without realizing it!

Kids Love It

Kids get so excited when they run around looking for art. It's so joyful to witness—and making kids happy is everyone's job. (I think so!)

8:50AM — Not Enough Art!

I only placed 7 artworks this time. They disappeared quickly! That makes me happy and sad. I'll do more in the future. (Here are some more art hunts since then!)

I'm thrilled that people are still happy to get out and look for my art. This was a feel-good return for me. Thank you people! Thanks Leominster!

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