[DIY] Vibrant Mounted Art for Next to Nothing

Print and mount artwork for under 25 cents. Free printable included.

Today we create wheatpaste and mount art to plywood. The cute printable is "Greetings from this person" by me!

Click to expand. I used big juicy images!

I leave art like this outdoors for people to take home. Like in this art hunt in Leominster.

Materials List

Common things. If you can't get the right size piece of wood try resizing the image!

  • free printable art (download)
  • color printer
  • paper
  • flour
  • water
  • whisk
  • brush or paper towel
  • recycled plywood or other scrap (6 x 7.5 inches)
  • possibly spray acrylic clearcoat/fixative

1. Make Wheatpaste

We make wheatpaste with a 1:4 ratio of flour to water. 1/4 cup flour will yield more than we need.

Stir it a lot. Get all the lumps out.

  1. In your pan: Stir flour into water.
  2. Get all the lumps out.
  3. Set heat to medium low.
  4. When it starts bubbling set to low heat.
  5. Continue stirring occasionally.
  6. Let cool at 30 minutes.
  7. When cool transfer to container.

This wheatpaste instructable has a similar recipe, storage info, and advanced tips. Check it out.

2. Print & Cut Art

If you missed it get your free printable artwork here. (The image below is lower resolution)

The drawing we will use (low res)

Print the artwork. It should print out to 6x7.5 inches. Colors will differ based on your printer & settings.

Cut off excess paper. Use scissors or a craft knife.

Pick your favorite cutting tool.

3. Paste & Glaze it

Note: Some printer inks might run here. If it happens start over and spray acrylic clearcoat/fixative on your art to protect it from the moisture.

Brush glue onto one side of the wood. I used a paper towel; A brush is better!

Don't worry; It will get soggy.

Once it's attached brush the top with paste. It will look a little thick. The glue will clear up a lot when it dries.

This is gonna clear up a lot.... but I did remove one or two big lumps.

4. Let it dry

Drying takes at least a few hours. It's gonna look great!

You're Done!

A freshly mounted artwork.

5. (optional) Put a Message on the Back

I usually put a message on the back. If you want one just repeat step 3 & 4! Sharpies, pen, or printer ink works great!

Additional Info

How Does Wheat Paste Work?

The gluten in flour bonds together creating a strong adhesive. It's stronger than a lot of glues!

Water resistance

Wheat paste leaves your art resistant to water. During my art hunts I've put art out during rainstorms. It wasn't damaged. No clue how much these can withstand.


The wheatpaste tends to yellow a little after a few days. This is apparent in white areas. It's nothing to worry about. You can google recipes that counteract the yellowing.

That "Painted On" Look

People say these look painted on. They take on the texture of the wood. They also don't look perfect. It works really well.

Ink Fading

Some printer inks aren't very stable, so they will fade in direct sunlight... or over long periods of time. Especially yellow ink. Your ink manufacturer should have data on this. It's called lightfastness.

Recycled Plywood & Scraps

I buy recycled plywood for these. I suggest doing that or reaching out to people for junk wood. Keep it out of a landfill! It also reduces your costs a lot.

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