[Thrifty] Materials I Use to Make Dazzling Free Art!

Read about the materials I use to create art that I give away in local parks!



I'm creating free art to be placed outdoors. Price, image quality, and water resistance are my top considerations.

Image Quality

My mounted art prints often look "painted on", but they are in fact digital prints. I'm very happy with the image quality of [my mounting technique][mounting]

[mounting]: http://www.mattvaillette.com/blog/2015/9/27/thrifty-mounted-art-prints) here.


These cost about 15-20 cents a piece. No complains here!

Water Resistance

I use wheatpaste to mount these. It makes the work quite water resistant. Graffiti artists also use wheatpaste for putting posters on buildings.

Materials List

This is a current & exhaustive list.

  • Recycled plywood
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Printer Inks (EPSON Durabrite/ Consumer quality)
  • Basic white paper
  • Sharpie Marker (writing on the back)

Wheatpaste (Flour & Water)

Creating wheatpaste means boiling flour and water together. Into a strong paste.

Use this correctly, and your art is also protected from the weather—while being stuck on well.

It's also pretty cheap to make, biodegradable, and awesome. It does yellow a bit—but there are recipes that deal with that.

Printer Inks

I print with the stuff that came with my consumer-quality printer. EPSON Durabrite inks.

They seem to be more lightfast than most consumer inks. If you keep them out of direct sunlight they should last a good long while!

Basic White Paper

I print on basic white printer paper. It is said to work better than a thick high-quality page—when its time to paste. Plus it is low cost.

Want to know more??

I made this DIY article about mounting art on plywood using these materials.

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Once again—here's how I use these materials to mount art prints.