4 Stunning Artworks I Made to Give Away [Public Art]

Check out some new free art. It'll appear at Carter Park on the 12th or 13th.


You like free stuff? Public art? Fun!?

If you're in the Leominster area—I've got you covered!

Four Mounted Artworks

These four mounted prints…in addition to some of these will be stashed around Carter Park in Leominster, MA.


Not all these prints are brand new. This one is though. I created the drawing...yesterday maybe? (9/9/15?)

This one is my favorite of the bunch. Although the photo shows the white area to be rather dark. It's a bit lighter than that in person!

Three Tulip-Things

A pitcher with flowers in it. Sometimes I draw a bunch of flower art!

Do you like this? I do!

Portrait of Somebody

Real descriptive title. This comes from before I made most of my art super happy—

I made this a couple months ago? About?

Microsoft Paint Flowers

I drew this using microsoft paint. MS paint is a pretty abysmal art program—for most purposes anyways. But I like it.

I believe I used my mouse to draw this still life. It's SUPPOSED to be childlike!!!! :)

Art Drop Progress

So. I think I'm out of plywood.

Also, life has been super busy lately. I'm gonna have to keep the art drops at this size. 7-8ish artworks.

We'll see!

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