10 Creativity-Driven Tips for Happiness

Enjoy these 10 great tips for being more creative and happy!

10) Go Creatively Bonkers At Least Daily!

Go crazy when you're creative. At least sometimes!! Take big chances. Learn. Much excite! (haha)

There are endless benefits: ideas, creations, insights, new processes... and more!

The downsides: Some lost materials? A little time? Probably not much is lost unless you are sculpting with diamonds.

9) Work your butt off. Take a break.

Let yourself be engulfed by the creative process, but don't get burnt out!

Creative burnout will dampen your creativity. If you try to force yourself, you may not recover for months. Bleh!

Sometimes taking a break doesn't mean "doing nothing". Pick a new project. Work on new skills. Variety is important... and burnout happens most often when you work too hard on one thing.


8) Forget about rules.

Rules are fine... and It's great to internalize rules, so you don't have to think much about them.

But if you're worried about breaking rules, though your creations will not be nearly as awesome. 

Plus, it's not fun that way!

7) Work on many projects.

I like having many varied, and often small projects. It helps me stay fresh, effective, and awesome!

In terms of digital art, most of my "finished work" is mechanically very sketch-like. This helps me develop bigger ideas more quickly. It also challenges you to create more with less!

For example: I'm also working on learning a couple programming languages, statistics, business classes, creating analytics, SEO, social media, and so on... All these things are super fun interests for me—and most of them will benefit me as an artist directly.


6) Enable your improv skills!

Improvisation is a skill that anyone can learn.

As of a few years ago, I couldn't do anything but drawing boring stuff from life. With a pencil. At first I wasn't very good at improvisational creativity—but now it's most of what I do!

There's a process, for YOU, that'll allow you to improvise freely and effectively. Perhaps even more effectively than your super-planned out work. 

Try it. Even if your main creative works remains as is, you'll derive value from improvising more.


5) Deviate from your creative norm

Don't just be different from others. Be different from who you were yesterday — and what you did yesterday.

Why? Well there's a lot of reasons. Less creative burnout. You'll enjoy life more. Those are two big ones for me.

4) Don't focus on immediate results

Your long term development is probably more important than what you're making right now. This will usually be true. 

If you agree, then I implore you: Focus on improving your creative process. Innovate indefinitely. Improve HOW you make art, and not just the end result of it.

3) Don't sweat the failures!

Face it. Your latest failure is nothing. This is probably true of most of our lives.

The more experiences we have at something, the smaller each blip of failure seems, in perspective. So just keep pushing on. Learn, learn-y, learn.

and don't you dare start to fear those failure bloops!

2) Know what to plan.

In many ways, I'm disorganized and messy. I also gather data sets in spreadsheets and study statistics so that I can better plan—and make sense of this messy world.

I believe you shouldn't over plan, or over work your art. I also think planning out strategies, scheming, and analyzing data is absolutely priceless.


1) E-E-Enjoy being creative.

Most of this post is about stuff that makes creativity more enjoyable to me... and in turn, that also makes me more effective.

If you enjoy your creative efforts you will: Have more fun, practice more, and improve more quickly. AND in my case, also be much happier!

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