Pay What You Want ♥ 2 Super Colorful Portraits

The price is right! Check out these two "Pay what you want" print-quality image files!

"portrait 22AA", 2014
digital art by Matt Vaillette

"Super thoughtful person", 2014
digital art by Matt Vaillette

Pay What You Want

I want you to own these drawings. I want it on your walls, clothes, anywhere. I want you to take these visual snippets and finished pieces— artwork; and put them where you please.

You decide on the price ♥ Art is important, and shouldn't be our last consideration... even if the bills are tight!

The art? It communicates love, kindness, words...people!

Get them printed up nice (or modify them), and enjoy the love!

Help A Good Cause!

Some of each transaction helps a great cause. That has usually meant money/food donations to a local food pantry.

Download & Cost ($)

The suggested price is $4 but more or less is good too! ANYTHING helps!!!! (and it boosts my morale!)

Help me eat ♥ ($)

Check out this primer on using on-demand printing services if you need!

About the Artwork

I hand-picked these from my art collection. They were both created using my improvisational method, in digital media, using various devices.

"Portrait 22AA"

This yellow and orange digital painting was created in ArtRage, during 2014, using a Wacom Cintiq. You can see a lot more paint mixing than in my usual Photoshop art.

"Super Thoughtful Person"

This was created using Artflow on a Samsung Note 10.1. It was either created as I relaxed on the couch, or in a waiting room.

It feels almost sad, or compassionate to me... Like he or she is thinking about someone's well-being! Maybe worried?

Naming art...

Most of my art goes unnamed until I want to do something with it... and some of my art has multiple names associated with it. It's not "proper" or "optimal", but I can make more art this way.

When I finish a piece... my fingers dance around, producing a random string of letters and numbers. Wee!

Legal Stuff & Permissions

  • You may share it and creative derivative works... but you have to attribute me.
  • You can't use this for commercial gain.
  • Any derivative works must hold the same license
  • I also ask that you don't distribute my art in anything bigger than 1500x1500 pixels ♥

In Closing ♥

I hope you take advantage of this! If it works out, I'll be offering many more drawings and paintings with "Pay what you want" pricing.

Don't forget to give me feedback by email or in the comments!!!