Using on-demand art printing services

Read about using on-demand printers to make wall art!

This is about getting wall art prints made. You can also get business cards, clothes, and other stuff in much the same way.

What You Need

  • A high quality image
  • A form of payment
  • A mailing address
  • Not much else

Image Permission

Make sure you have permission to use the image. If you're not sure, ask!

Image Quality

Any image you want to print should start off looking crisp. And have a certain number of pixels per inch of print. For giclee fine art prints…usually that's 300 or 360 per inch. More pixels is fine. Less is not!

Image Dimensions

Usually you need to confine your image to a set dimension. If the image is long and skinny it won't fit onto an 8x10 inch print for example!

Your options are:

  • Resize the image
  • Get it printed and modify the print
  • Fine Art America will print most dimensions last I checked.

The Process

This is the general process. Each site is a little different.

  1. Upload your file(s)
  2. Set the print settings
  3. Double Check
  4. Payment & Address

Upload Files

Find the spot where you upload your images. Then do it!

Print Settings

At some point you'll choose between sizes and materials for each print. There may also be laminants, framing options, and more. Each website offers something different.

Double Check!

Once everything is in your cart, double check it. Is everything set up correctly? If you're not sure about something check the sites FAQ or support.

Once your prints are made... they can't be unmade. Make sure it's all correct!

Payment & Address

This is like shopping on any website! Enter your payment info and address. Once it's all set submit your order.

Wait for the mail...

Most of these sites will make and mail your art quickly. Pretty soon you'll have your brand new wall art!

Printers I've Used:

Just a couple. Do some google searches and find the options that suit you.

iprintfromhome is my favorite. Their name might be a little whacky, but they do good work. Their prices are great…including low-cost shipping. $3 for standard shipping last I checked. It probably costs them more than that.

I don't mind the flow of the site, but it might be a little confusing your first time. The design is a little odd. Worth it still!

Fine Art

Fine Art America makes the process a bit easier. They fit the dimensions of your image and offer you many different sizes, unique materials, and framing.

The downside is their prints and shipping are expensive. Most options will come ready to hang—so there's that.

They also have art available by artists on the site.

Other Printers

I've used some other printers. Most have similar quality. The biggest differences come down to price, materials, and ease of site use! Look around on google.

Fancy Materials

There are lots of cool materials and mounting processes out there. Sometimes you can get a ready to hang piece of art for a little extra.

  • Metal prints
  • Canvas prints
  • Framed prints
  • Acrylic prints
  • Mounted artwork

There's also oodles of merchandise you can get prints on too. Look around!


Check the FAQ or contact a site's support team! They're usually pretty swift to respond. They want you to use them, after all.