1 ♥ Download Art ~ 2 ♥ Create Objects

Get my first "Pay What You Want" Art Print...
and make something awesome!

How Does It Work?

  1. Download my high resolution artwork.
  2. Pay me whatever you're comfortable with! ♥
  3. Get the art printed. Turn it into wall art, fashion, or "other"!
  4. Some of the profits benefit a great cause. Read more!

The Art!


Psychic wielding a crystal ball!
"3AAD", digital art, 2015
by Matt Vaillette

Pay ♥

Pay What You Want

I want people to pay what they can afford for my art. ♥ 

I still need money, but I am leaving it up to you guys to help me stay afloat! <3

What Can I Use This For?

I want you to be able to get prints made... for your wall. Or clothes. Objects. Things for you to enjoy!

Or you can just enjoy it in its high-res digital art glory!

What Can't I Do?

This is not an exhaustive list.

  • You may not make money off of my art.
  • Nor may you use it promote a business.
  • I retain copyrights.
  • Don't distribute high-resolution copies of my art. (Max 1200x1200 pixels please)