Wild Drawings of Mundane Objects

See me bring life to everyday objects!

Give personality to the mundane. A bottle, fan, sewing machine, and thermostat. Here is some of my still life artwork!

Finding personality in these objects wasn't hard. The objects are no Mona Lisa, but my portrait art has me creating personality out of thin air daily!

I find that viewers will each see a very strong, though different personality in an artwork. I believe a lot of it has to do with their experiences—as well as mine as an artist.

Illustration of a sewing machine by Matt Vaillette


Making these was incredibly relaxing. It raised up my mood and lowered my stress a lot.

Still life drawing of a thermostata by Matt Vaillette

That's how observational drawing is. It's very mindful. Even if you're not representing the work realistically it gets you to pay attention and focus!

Still life drawing of a plastic fan, by Matt Vaillette

It's more than external focus though. When I create still life art I end up peering within. Almost as if I experience my inner feelings from a third perspective.

Even if the art you're making is simple, the mental process rich and deep. That's why I am so enthralled by creative processes!

You should try making some still life drawings!

There are no requirements other than a willingness to figure out what you love. That's what makes your inner artist blossom... it's not simply about "drawing well".

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Which drawing was your favorite?

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