2016 Resolution: Be a More Active Local Artist

Read about my New Year's resolution for 2016.

The new year is here!

I want to be more involved with local art in 2016! I spent much of 2015 fighting depression and apathy. I want this year to be better!

More Mixed Media Art

I often make digital art because of space constraints. I'm hungering to create mixed media work now though.

I have an idea for clearing out art quickly... Art auctions!

Art Auctions

I want to auction art on Facebook (probably on my fb page. It would be a fun social event... and would give me space to create more art.

I'd love to make this work—and do it regularly.

Update, January 14th 2016: I already had my first art auction and tomorrow (January 15th) my second one begins!

Art Hunt Stuff

Today I started on creating more art to leave out. I will be focusing some or all of this energy on the Mechanic Street area for now as part of another project.

Update, January 7th: I'm auctioning this tapestry on January 8th (tomorrow as I write this.)

Building Local Interest in Art

I want to see more local people creating and looking at art! I have lots of ideas for the coming year. We'll see!

Shataro Gallery

This new place is awesome. I'm looking to be involved here in some way! It's great to see the local art scene growing.

Update, January 2nd: I left some free art over at Shataro for visitors to pick up! Hoping to do more things next Saturday.

What's your resolution?

I normally don't make resolutions. What's yours this time?? Talk about it in the comments!

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