Giving is Not an Obligation [Christmas]

Look! Art and writing about gift giving and generosity during the holidays.

All I ever want on December 25th is some hot cocoa and good company. Maybe one thoughtful gift—no more. I'd rather know that you were relaxed and happy than receive a gift.

A scary Christmas illustration by Matt Vaillette, 2015

I tell everybody "don't buy me anything"! I mean it. The holidays are a whirlwind.

A scary person shouting "Merry Xmas!"
by Matt Vaillette, 2015

In order to manage the stress I take a relaxed approach to gift buying. If it's not thoughtful, I probably don't buy it. I make some things. And I give late gifts.

Generosity is not an obligation. Give when you can, and want to. And think about doing it on more than a few days. It can feel good. =)

Painting of a sad person on Christmas.
by Matt Vaillette 2015

How did the holidays treat you?

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