I like to make bad art for ideas!

Look! You can create bad art for ideas!

A great way to learn more about art is to do it badly on purpose!

  • You'll loosen up.
  • Have fun.
  • and come up with new ideas!

Silly "Bad Art"

Check out my kindergarten-ish drawings! I also like to create silly still life drawings and they're usually pretty neat!

Happy Firefighter

He happened to be facing the wrong way, which I enjoyed a lot. I will use that again.

Jerky Sun Guy

This sun guy is a jerk. It's kind of funny. Pretty much all of this is wrong…but I can see using the elements in a "super serious" drawing. Even though "the whole" isn't "great".

It's also one way to draw fire. I may not draw fire like that again—but it gives me ideas for future drawings.

Dragon Caves Are Dark

Caves are dark. Even dragon caves. It gives me ideas for drawing someone in a dark room—unexpectedly.

Funny Clown Thing

Then there's this clown. I've never drawn a smile quite like that. I could see using it again.

But the real focus here is the "Hello im a clown." Humor can be powerful! I could see writing like that again, or in that tone.

Maybe I won't write like a kid when I do it... but I'll include some dialogue like that. It could happen.

The sun is my favorite part of that one!


Not every artistic effort needs to be a success for it to matter. That's kind of the point of sketching!

Some of my worst illustrations gave me ideas for my best ones.

Experience Many Things!

Quality is fine, but quantity and variety of experience are important! You never know what will lead to your next creative breakthrough; Perception, experience, and creativity are all unpredictable!

That's not to say those things are random. We each have a different set of experiences and physiology to go by...

So one person may literally "see" something different from me. Maybe my body works differently. Another may perceive something to be sad, while I think it's happy. They've had a different relatable experience.

And the creative process in our minds is very complicated. Even if something worked in the past, you need to keep trying new stuff. Use the shotgun approach!

Plus you gotta stay ahead of boredom. Creative stagnation is crippling. Keep doing new stuff!

Do you like to draw silly things?

Leave a comment about it!!

Or if not... go make some ridiculous artwork!