Be Artistically Awesome by Following Your Passions

Anyone can make great art this way!

There are two rules that make anyone a great artist.

  • Make art the way you like.
  • Don't seek acceptance.

It doesn't matter how unskilled you think you are. It doesn't matter if you're blind, loud, quiet, or your hand is unsteady.

"girl on a sunny day" by Matt Vaillette

My hand is incredibly unsteady.

I've got tremors from the crappy medication I have to take. At one point I thought I couldn't do art. I can't draw a straight line.

Then I came up with a new strategy—new artistic beliefs—and a style that allowed me to enjoy art despite my challenges.

That's the art you see now. It's me. It wasn't so great to begin with…but that didn't stop me because I loved to make it.

When I figured out this new "way" I was immediately happy. Thrilled. It was beautiful! I enjoy art more because of the tremors in my hand. They forced me to find a better way.

"Follow your passion."

I don't mean to sound idealistic. This really is how you make great art. Or how you can be happy.

Without passion on your side you won't work as hard. Even if you do make something mechnically optimal it'll likely seem dead to the viewer. Or you'll burn out every few months.

Love how you do stuff, or find another way! Remember too that your interests change over time. Right now I enjoy calm physical media works—like painting this tote bag. A very different speed from my norm.

I always thought "follow your passion" was some stupid saying that creative folks said for attention. I thought passion was neither convenient, nor effective. I was wrong

Passion is key. Guard your favorite ways from the draws of fame and acceptance.

Even if you can't always do what you want, figure out a better way of doing it.

My dad is a great example. He values doing a great job his way. So even though he doesn't like delivering the mail…he finds happiness in the great job he does. The way he does his trade makes it more valuable to him—and to the people on his mail route.

What if I don't have passion?

Passion is developed. There are a million ways to do anything. It's a matter of finding the ways that you love.

I wasn't a huge fan of art until a few years ago. I hadn't "found my way." I had a lot of frustrations and silly ideas about art and creativity.

Getting around them changed everything. It took time—but it was worth it.

I do have a lot of passions, but art is #1.

My Other Interests

I love data. I love collecting it and analyzing it. I do this in the markets of EVE Online with great success!

I like to program too (and may go to school for comp sci soon!) Nothing too fancy. But I've made a number of programs for that game (EVE Online). Ways of acquiring and making sense of market data—quickly.

Speaking of which: I love video games. They get me into that focused "flow" state. They've inspired some of my creative processes.

My improvised art process is inspired by the experience of being "in flow" during video game matches. Creating art like this gets me into that mental state quickly.

Creating my art is as fast paced and stimulating as any video game. Without my passion for gaming I wouldn't have thought to create art in this way!

I hope to some day combine my love of programming with my artistic efforts. I have lots of ideas, but it will take time for those tech skills to catch up with my ambitions!

Benefits of Passion

  • You'll be happier
  • You'll develop unique skills
  • You'll be more effective
  • Your creations will OOOOOOZE your spirit
  • Your art will scream for attention!

Now go find your favorite ways! Your passion. =]

What's your favorite activity?

Talk about it in the comments!