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I started a newsletter with the format of a sketchbook & journal. A public sketchbook. About once per day I send a brief email made with writing and art.

Newsletter Only Content

A lot of the content won't be found anywhere else. Some might be developed into blog posts here. I want to keep most of it away from social media.


I'm using the format to developed new ideas, and bolster my skills. It's a way for me to expand my creativity and enrich my life.

I use this public sketchbook to develop fresh new ideas and techniques. So far I'm writing more and I'm creating illustrations to serve a storytelling role. Like this gorgeous illustration of planet Earth!

It's different from a week ago. Normally I let the pencil do its own thing. A story is told, but it's not specific. That's a different experience.

I've never kept a sketchbook faithfully because I create improvisational art. I feel like I'm more interested now because a few people are watching!

So now that I'm thinking outside the box...but I have a new problem. I enjoy crafting these brief posts more than making my funky portraits. I'm not worried. It's a good exercise.

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I want you to subscribe and enjoy! You can see what I've posted so far here.