A Colorful Illustration of Peace on Earth

See my latest illustration about peace on Earth!

We're all in this together! I combined an illustration of our blue marble with a pattern of people (the "fabric of humanity".) I did it to show what peace on Earth may look like. Unified!

An illustration of peace on Earth, Matt Vaillette, 2016

I hope this colorful drawing will remind a few people that coexistance is more valuable than competition. Without war, poverty, and pollution we can all be happier—not just a select few rich at the very top.

"The fabric of humanity", digital pattern by artist Matt Vaillette

The harmony of this art pales in comparison to real peace. Maybe someday in the future we'll find such peace to be common... and this struggle won't seem as pointless.

Until then: There's still beauty and ease to be found in everyday life. I hope you find lots of it!

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The money will be going towards buying a video camera so I can create peace with many humors. =)