Why I IMPROVISE (Art from My Soul!!! ♥♥♥)

See why I create art without plans or restraint!

Creating art without a plan has been a good lesson for my soul. I've become more receptive and accepting of chance and reality—and my art is more meaningful.

a silly happy animation by Matt Vaillette

Drawing improvised art always creates problems. Each moment a million problems! Unintended things that can be seen as mistakes or neat quirks... things I usually leave in my compositions.

It's challenging, and less relaxing... but it's still therapeutic. It wasn't until I started working like this that I felt okay. Happy. It was stimulating enough to combat bipolar depressiontough to treat.

I feel alive!!

weird animation by Matt Vaillette

To get here I had to surrender control. To the world. To chance. To the idea that I might not be any good at art. This was really hard for a perfectionist. After not long I was overwhelmed by the richness and beauty in my mind when I would create.

Surrendering that control... How do I put it? It's as if the world helps me think. A second mind always at my side. Challenging me and co-creating new ideas.

Instead of being limited by bipolar disorder I could create. I felt like more than before.

Creating "my art"

portrait illustration, 2015, by Matt Vaillette

I make the art I want to make. The stuff I enjoy making. It's not about impressing anybody. I gotta do things my way or it's not worth a darn.

Many people prefer the art I don't like to make. These better-polished artworks bring out that perfectionist in me. I don't have fun—even though I get a better response.

Visual art is more than its "visual elements." It's about the mind and reality of one person at one time. Or an object. It's a visual representation of something…but that painting, drawing, or sculpture isn't the art without that part.

I feel that the value of art is in the experience of creating it. It's not about art objects.

Why Do You Love Art?

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