8 Silly #Drawlloween Animations for Halloween

See my first 8 days of comical Drawlloween animations for October 2015.

What is Drawlloween?

Each day of October is assigned a halloween theme. Artists make something based on that theme and share it on social media. This list by Kevin Luong can tell you the theme for each day.

The Animations

I created 8 goofy animations. I was struck with depression midway so I stopped by the 9th.

"Ghost" — Day 1

A goofy ghost. He isn't scary. Even someone with phasmophobia may giggle at his expense.

"Devil" — Day 2

This lil devil is inspired by my cat when she's hungry. Meow meow meow I want foooood.

"Goblin" — Day 3

Mister pipsqueak goblin…You are hilarious. He's my favorite. The audio makes it. Another totally not-scary halloween creature.

"Vampire" — Day 4

The only moderately spooky animation here. I still think he's hilarious. I feel like I got idle animation and timing down well on this. But life is so meaningless... BLAH!!!!!

"Werewolf" — Day 5

Gave this one the mushroom powerup sound from Super Mario Bros.

"Pumpkin" — Day 6

Maybe the silliest. Maybe the dumbest. I recorded some quote/unquote "music" for it; It's all done with distorted recordings of my voice (in Audacity.)

"Haunted House" — Day 7

If you block the chimney on a haunted house…it overflows with ghosts. Try it. I dare you. That's right. You're SCARED!

"Zombie" — Day 8

A dancing zombie "in da club." Just some scribbles. The song clip is from "Brazil" by Gold Panda. Gold Panda is a great musical artist.

Which Was Your Favorite?

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