Compassion is a Risk Worth Taking

Read this! Kind acts are risky and worth it!

Compassion is great.

It makes the you, the actor happy... and it makes the world happy. It provides purpose in a reality that is inherently without purpose. It also helps some animals survive (like us humans!)

"No barriers" by Matt Vaillette

The Risks

are real though; The biggest risks available to us are usually compassionate ones. Many of us follow through though—in small and large ways! We help each other without the guarantee of benefits.

Extreme stuff

Like a man tackling a suicide bomber to save many lives. This is perhaps the most extreme example I can think of. It happens, and will happen again. I'm being subtle when I say WOW!

Slightly less extreme

situations would be folks who leave their nice homes in the developed world to fight extreme poverty. Sometimes there are local factions who will kidnap you for doing those good deeds. It happens. They still help. Fucking kickass Again, I'm understating things.

The norm, though

is less extreme... and still heroic. Sharing half your sandwich with a stranger or less even.

You never know

what'll happen till it's done. You'll probably come out with a mood boost; Same for them. You may make a friend. Or... The person could be insulted!

The gains

almost always outweigh the costs. Sure, it's risky... but the cost of avoiding compassionate acts is steeper than half a sandwich

I'm not rich by any means; I'm poor, disabled, and sick... and even though money is in short supply I still find generosity to be the best risk.

"Tears of love" by Matt Vaillette

But we tend to overestimate the losses and ignore what is gained. Often you gain something priceless AND a lot of meaningful "advantages"... but we don't usually hear about those.

Recent news

will tell you all about all the horrible things about, say, Syrian refugees; Why we shouldn't start the process of helping them to live well.

This fear aversion

gives a certain advantage to organizations like the Daesh. More importantl—I think it's a sorrowful way of thinking. The very idea of isolating people with such great need is morally abhorrent.

And maybe you support doing that. Fine. I know a lot of people do. I don't think it makes you bad, or cold. But the belief AND idea IS incredibly cold and as usual with loss aversion...

It makes no sense even by selfish terms.

The advantages of choosing kindness

are massive. They're not just "priceless". They are valuable. Powerful. Meaningful. Massive opportunity. A power play.

By protecting a people in this situation…we are making friends. Allies all around the world. Showing our bravery. Saving more lives than we would lose. Improving many more lives than are saved; Even just the children.

So that fearful approach to dealing with Syrian refugees may SEEM risk averse—but I'd bet all I own that the safe option is welcoming foreign refugees... always.

A great reputation

isn't only THE best armor. Its got more bang than an arsenal of nukes.


teetering on the edge of tragedy.

When you know desperate matter who you are... I hope the world lends you half a sandwich and a place to sleep. No matter what.

Much love. Goodnight!