Lemme Mail You Colorful Postcard Art!

See some of the postcard art up for grabs!

Kindness is contagious, and I'm hoping you catch it! I'm mailing out original postcard drawings to those who want it. Take a peek at my ello or tumblr and you might spot some!

A funky mixed media portrait by Matt Vaillette
Already mailed =[

The Art

Lots of portrait art. Each one is a mixed media piece about 5.5 x 4.25 inches in size. I use whatever materials I have on hand; Right now that's pen and colored pencils. They're signed and dated too!

What a sassypants!
Available as of Nov 23rd

How To Get One

I post them here and there on ello and tumblr to show off the available drawings. Tell me the one you want in an email and if I still have it then it's yours!

Some of the postcards I feature in this post might still be available. Check the image caption and email me to find out!

A silly portrait drawing by Matt Vaillette
Already mailed it =[

But Why?

Because it's fun and makes people happy. That makes me happy... and I could use some happy right now. =] Plus you may pass on the kindness!

Mailed this drawing already. Sorry!

Being Kind!

I love making visual art. But that alone is not enough. It has to help somebody and make the world better bit by bit. That's what brings purpose to my favorite things... and happiness to me.

That's what I'm about. Being responsible and kind!

Which Postcard Was Your Fave?

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