I was given artwork by a stranger. It was beautiful. ♥

Read about the art gift I received—and how it made me think of my own efforts.

Artwork From A Stranger

I'd never received art by a stranger until now! My therapist at McLean found this portrait painted on a stone . He saved it for me!

portrait on painted stone
2015, artist: unknown

Patients there had painted rocks and hid them outside. They weren't all portraits like this one. But this was the perfect gift!

It was very meaningful. I was grateful of Mark and I wish I could talk to the artists who left artwork for others. I hope they are doing well and continue to stay creative!


Not knowing who left this stone portrait makes it more special. But I wish I could say "hello" and "thank you" to this anonymous friend.

This gift taught me more about what I do. Cheering up strangers with art gifts. It doesn't always have to be about the art. Nor about receiving a "thing" for free.

Sometimes the sentiment is all that matters. A little piece of creative time and effort. It's worth a lot when you don't expect it.

The fact that I can't thank the artist makes it even more special.

Changing Spaces

When I went outside—at McLean Hospital—I started to pay attention more. Look around at the stones. I was in the moment, which is unusual for me. Often I'm occupying some fragmented collage of space and time.

Public art changes how we experience a space. In the case of that forbes article, the effort and changes are massive. You don't need a formal multi-million dollar public art effort to bring great change to a public space though.

I Want More of This

I hope we can have more art like this in Leominster. I've been hoping since I started dropping art here and there that others would too. It will happen.

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