Free Art. Silly Turkeys. What Could Be Better? [Public Art]

Oops. Cancelled!

I cancelled this event due to my health but you can still see the zany turkey art!

The Post

Wanna run around hunting for turkey drawings—While raising awareness for Ginny's food pantry? That's what this is!

Here are some turkeys; Which is your favorite?

Triangle Turkey

Triangle Turkey was my reaction to a comical exchange on local facebook group Leominsterites Unite . I won't go into detail... but there was some fowl play regarding one of my birds. =)

This is the best turkey drawing I've ever made! Haha.

Perky Turkey

Some people say their kids are better than me at drawing—But I have more fun than kids. And so does Perky Turkey.

Two-Step Turkey

She's doing a dance. A jig. The samba; The twist. I don't know what the Samba is but she's doing the Samba.

turkeyGram #selfie

TOTALLY posing for a selfie. "Check out my good side." This is how he attracts the ladies on turkeyGram.

Tender Turkey

Not that kind of tender. This bird is super friendly and nice. He would make a good friend. =)

Timid Turkey

He's not too sure of you... but you won't eat a cute turkey made out of ink, paper, and plywood. Right?

There's more...

There are many more turkeys to come; Why don't you read more below about the plans?

Raising Awareness

I want everyone to have fun—but in my head the reason for this is to raise awareness for an important part of our local community. Ginny's Helping Hand (Ginny's food pantry!)

Heather Mazzaferro (she manages Ginny's) has had some absolutely brilliant ideas for how to accomplish that. Mainly we want to reach out so that people in need know about the help available.

I also want to say... I love the place. If you want more nice people in your life go to Ginny's to volunteer or for help! Plus they have that sweet consigment shop.

The Location

I want this to be a downtown Leominster/ Carter Park thing.

Which Day??

Before Thanksgiving. I want it to be between the 22nd and the 25th of November. I think that's ideal.

♥ Wanna help?

I may need help to make this more awesome. Plus teamwork is fun.

♥ Art Pasting Party

This is my favorite idea; A few people helping me mount art prints (like this.) It's mostly just cutting and pasting. That would help a lot.

♥ Cutting wood

Well—In order to mount the prints I need wood cut into rectangles. Nothing special. Just rectangles. If you'd like to—email me!

♥ Scrap Wood donations

I love using scrap plywood, particle board, and lumber. Why? Because it doesn't end up in the trash. Also this stuff makes up 40% of my material costs.

If you want to get rid of some scrap please email me! =)

Time to Get to Work!

I hope you're excited :)

Which Turkey Was Your Favorite? Comment below!