Art is a Practical Necessity

Read about the practical value of art—and why it should be available to all.

Art is a necessity—not a luxury. The benefits of art and culture are vast and measurable. You profit from having art in your community—even if you don't enjoy it.

Reducing Crime & Littering

Public art reduces crime and littering. This isn't a radical new idea. When people are proud of where they live they invest in their surroundings. They treat their hometown better. This is part of why I give away street art in Leominster!!

The 'broken windows theory ' also illuminates why public art reduces crime and littering.

A Lively City

Local art creates culture and engagement. It makes a city come to life! It's what makes a house a home; What makes a street a neighborhood. This is priceless.

Don't Enjoy Art?

You still benefit from it. The people around you are stronger and that makes you stronger.

Economic Benefits of Art

My favorite stat here:

Adding 100 jobs in the arts creates 62 jobs elsewhere.

Infographic by National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). These stats are from report #3 of this research also by NEA.

Art As Therapy

I use my art to help me beat depression too. It's thought that mentally ill people are drawn to creative activities because they're so therapeutic!

Mental health is a big issue right now. This is one solution. And it works even if you're not diagnosed with something. Get to it!

Art: Necessity or Luxury?

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