Give Street Art to Strangers for BIG Smiles!

Read about cheering up strangers with street art gifts! Plus some tips.

Give your art away and create happiness! You can do it with the skills you already have.

A Genuine Gift

Art represents your thoughts, feelings, ideas, energy, time—and more! You don't need to be Van Gogh to move people. Few gifts are more personal—or intriguing. This is a unique favor.

Small and Unexpected

Unexpected gifts delight! That's especially true if the gift giver is a stranger!

My therapist gave me a painted stone by a stranger recently. Patients at McLean hospital created and hid them for others to take. It was touching!

Lots of Small Gifts

Aim for quick and easy;Give away many small creations! Be prolific! You can fix a lot of other people's bad days this way. And your own!

Anyone can do it

It doesn't take special skills to get a cheerful response giving art away. In 2014 when I started my street art campaign I was using unfamiliar media and crappy old materials.

Most of the art wasn't good. It didn't matter. It was novel and generous...and the people of Leominster loved it!!

So I improved the art I gave away and learned how to create more in the same time. I can make more people happier now. Yay!

What Should I Make?

What do you want to make? Now make it low-cost, weather resistant, and easy to put together. Your first attempts will be working prototypes. It takes time to figure out a best approach.

Feel free to use this DIY article as a guide or for inspiration. I use a basic printer and then mount on plywood.

Keep Practicing!

We're talking about new skills and new creative solutions. Even if you already create visual art, this is new to you. Work on it at least a little each day.

Keep that daily routine. Even if you don't sit down and make art. At least think about your process, approach, and the problems. Keep the ideas churning.

Ever give art as a gift?

Tell me in the comments!