We Left Brilliant Street Art for Leominster Locals

Check out this guerilla art!

Carter Park, October 18th

It was a cold day at Carter Park. We had a mission: Celebrate individuality while giving away street art! Just like my other hunts!

One of 10 pieces of art left in the public space.

The Art

I made 10 wheatpaste posters on plywood for this. (instructions.). These were a generous 8x10 inches in size. Very colorful artwork!

Dance and love! My art promotes happiness :)

These weren't even dry when we left the house. I don't think anyone will complain!

Placing the Art

The love of my life (Kristen) walked around leaving art. I took these pictures!

Most of the art was leaned up against trees.

Mostly we leaned them against trees.

One of my favorite pieces of the art hunt!

What a funny place to put art! This one is in a tree...

This painting is just silly. She deserves her silly throne: A tree!

I Didn't Tell Anyone

I usually blast my art hunts to a local facebook group beforehand. I didn't do it this time because they tend to disappear immediately.

I want them to be unexpected. I want them to stick around a little first and be something unexpected. I also want new people to find them!!

Why I Give Away Art

Giving away art makes you and I happy. Being generous is actually a great way to be happy... and all of us can benefit from doing good stuff. :) No one has to be perfect to do good!

My art also celebrates personality and other good things. Plus it lets me support things in the local community that I like!

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