10 of My Strangest Portrait Paintings

Gaze at 10 of my weirdest paintings!

All My Art is Weird

But these paintings caught my eye. They're the strangest works to come out of a very open creative process as of late. I go where the scribbles take me!

Update: See some even zanier artwork here.

Scary Smile. Cute Hair.

I'm very proud of this portrait. As usual, I started with some random multi-colored marks. Once I found an image in the mess, she came to be! The golden touch was that winning grin.

untitled, digital art, Oct 2015, by Matt Vaillette

"Sacred Mandate of Kind Artistry"

Equal parts strange and beautiful. I used a custom pattern to fill in that heart-printed blanket. Or maybe it's pajamas…or a hoodie.

"Sacred Mandate of Kind Artistry", digital, 2015, by Matt Vaillette

You'll often find contrary emotions in my art. A character who is both happy and sad.

Why is that? Everything is good and bad. It feels good to be happy anyways. Like I can weather a storm. It also seems more honest. Everything has a bad side, after all.

"Person in Shower"

What do you think? I think it's weird. And I love this drawing. A lot.

"Person in shower", digital, by Matt Vaillette

It's almost as if the stream of water is a light source. That makes me happy because it is strange.

"Teardrops From"

This is messier than my current artwork. That's why I love it—in all its teary-eyed mess.

untitled, digital painting, 2014-2015, by Matt Vaillette

Surreal-ish Portrait

My art can be quite noisy, but it usually comes together into "one whole". This is different. It feels jagged on my eyes. Kind of like a surrealist painting.

untitled, digital art, by Matt Vaillette

I see a portrait—of a girl—but that might be because I made it. What do you see?

"Sun and Moon"

Ancient visul art often depicts the sun and moon as contrary. Sometimes there would be a figure holding them up. I took from that.

"sun and moon", digital, by Matt Vaillette

"Strange World"

Imagine a world where the basic rules have been rewritten. It's not that hard! Now try to live there. Strange huh? A blinding mockery of your good senses!

"strange world", by Matt Vaillette

"Soda with extra GMOs"

Want an extra arm? High blood sugar? A dopey sugar-daze? Just buy this soda complete with extra foreign DNA. Cause you can use the protein.

"Soda with extra GMOs", 2015, Matt Vaillette

Unhappiness Pixelized

I made her while practicing pixel art. I'm super happy with how she came out. I especially love the gold flecks in her collar. Fashionista!

untitled, pixel art, 2015, by Matt Vaillette

Avocado Face

If I followed common-color-sense I would have never arrived here. I won't call this a "balanced color palette" but it pleases my eye. It's complex in just the right manner. It makes me smile.

untitled, Oct 2015, Matt Vaillette

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