Creating Smiles with Free Flower Illustrations

Learn how you can get semi-abstract flower illustrations in your inbox for free! No strings attached. Yay happiness!

Colorful flowers in a container. Illustration by Matt Vaillette.

Flower Art to Your Inbox

Get the best flower drawings, paintings, & designs in your inbox, to cheer you up.

Why I Do This

Creating smiles is part of my cause to improve the world with art.

Doesn't matter who's smiling, long as people have a colorfully easier day.

I've found that this effort (as well as my abstract portrait art) is great at cheering people up (for free!), so I offer this service indiscriminately!

Improve the world with art!

The Impact

When I send people semi-abstract paintings of flowers, be they orchids or daisies—People just cheer up!

In at least one case, my blossoming perennials interrupted someone's suicidal intent; The free flowers may have saved a life!

As with my other art, people tell me it makes them cheerful.

I'm told that my abstract flowers as well as the abstract portraiture lifts depression! That's so exciting to me, because I know how hard it is to improve an unhappy mood.

Finding People to Give Flowers To

It doesn't take me long to create semi-abstract drawings of flowers, but finding the right people to give them to takes time.

Right now that means people I follow on social media get flowers. People who announce their birthdays or bad days, and so on.

Wanna make it easier for me? Tell me you want flowers so I don't have to go hunting!

Buy a Flower Art Print

Creating and sending you flowers electronically is free.

I also sell Giclée art prints of my art, in case you want to hang some wall art of my flowers!

Want some flowers, or an art print? Contact me!

Flowers to My Mailing List

Soon I'll be sporadically mailing flower illustrations to my mailing list.

Join up below!

Illustration. Art can induce happiness, love, and kindness!