11 Inspirations I Injected Into my Art.

Read my eclectic list of exciting & loving inspirations.


TV shows

I don't watch much TV, but there are some TV shows that have inspired me & my art—and continue to do so!


Arthur the Aardvark

Arthur may seem pretty boring to some, but it's fully of great messages about friendship, and working together! Those messages inspired the loving messages in my art.

I believe it's important to re-learn and remind us of those positive "kindergarten lessons" throughout life, and this show will do that for you.

In this show everyone is a friend. Even the bullies are redeemable people...er...animals.

Despite being a kids show, it has some pretty great humor that adults will appreciate! I love it.

Arthur Read of the show PBS "Arthur".


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek is full of messages about diversity, friendship, and working together. Although there are plenty of hostile forces in the galaxy, most of them are pretty friendly, and are willing to use teamwork to take on bigger challenges!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is about the space station "DS9". DS9 is on the edge of many borders, so you see many different species and societies interacting!

The space station "Deep Space Nine", in TV show "Star Trek: DS9".


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Could I forget about MLP? No way. My Little Pony is about friendship, love, and working together.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its and philosophies helped inspire my art. It's also a well done, humorous cartoon!

Pinkie Pie of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!


Visual Artists

The lives of these artists, the messages they used, and the quality of their artwork is what has inspired me here!


Vincent Van Gogh

“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” —Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh's life is inspiring. In his very short career, he lead an inspiring (though depressing) life. He accomplished more posthumously than most artists, and did it all in about a decade of life as an artist.

He also inspired me visually, in the bold unexpectedness of many of his strokes & marks. This aspect of his artwork has become an important part of my art.

He loved his work very much, and it shows.

Vincent Van Gogh, Self-portrait



Another visual rockstar with a short life & career. He died young, but had already injected into this world his own unique approach.

With his art he spoke of dualities like rich vs poor. He talked about society, and injustice...and no doubt awakened people about people. I like this.

Another fearless creator that has inspired my own artwork!

Basquiat, self portrait.


Surrealists & Surrealism

The surrealists have influenced my art a lot. Their reliance solely on a process—one which leans heavily on the imagination, is what grabbed me.

These ideas and people inspired me to create and trust my own imaginative, spontaneous process.


Music & Musicians

Not simply music creators, but true innovators and communicators. The way they create, play, and speak provides a lot of inspiration.

"The Musician", illustration by Matt Vaillette.


Saul Williams

Saul Williams is a genius poet, with a conscience. He's always expressing ideas about equality, life, love, and society.

Saul is a poet turned "rapper" who speaks of non-violence, inequalities, and life in spoken word.

His sound is unique, and catchy, but he seems to be more concerned with delivering a message than pure "catchiness". Creative brilliance!

His fearless approach inspires me to create fearlessly.



This rapper/producer duo is always talking about life in ways people can relate. Slug (Sean Daley) speaks about life, love, and struggles.

Sean Daley is exceptional in how he describes life. Even if you aren't at all like him, you'll find something in his lyrics.

Relate-ability is very important to me, so creators like Ant & Slug are inspirations that help me create art that people can nod at.


Trent Reznor of NIN

Trent is always bucking greedy record companies. He could totally get more money for his music, but doesn't want his fans to be "ripped off"—and that's awesome.

As a musician and producer he's amazing. One of my favorites. The music he creates has great variety, and great quality to it.

Much of his music could be called rock, and some of it could be called ambient. Some of his newer music is (dare I say) more poppy but still very edgy...and it's all amazing.

Aside from that, he just comes across as a great guy.

Trent is a role model and inspiration for my work.


Good Business-People

I consider these two entrepreneurs to be top-shelf! They created successful businesses which help society, and set great examples.

I have great respect for these entrepreneurs and their creations.


Want to help these kinds of causes?

8 Ways to Help a Great Cause


Paul Newman

The late Paul Newman has been known for a lot of things. My favorite, is the line of food he co-founded, "Newman's Own".

The food is good quality, a good price, and the profits are donated to help various charities.

That's definitely not all he's done to improve the world, but the Newman's Own business inspired me to donate to charity.


Richard Branson

Richard Branson is the creator of the many "Virgin" firms. He's always looking out for his workers, and shaking up industries. For example, Virgin Atlantic using low carbon jet fuel.

He's also a great resource for learning about things like business, and customer service!

His success, and investments in people and our planet, inspire me to aim higher with the business & social side of my art.