4 tasty lies about artist Matt Vaillette

Learn the truth about Leominster artist Matt Vaillette!

Peanut butter and jelly lies. Keep em coming.

Peanut butter and jelly lies. Keep em coming.

Om nom nom nom nom

  1. Matt Vaillette is the happiest person I know!
  2. Matt Vaillette is a Picasso fanboy!
  3. Matt Vaillette cares about critics!
  4. Matt Vaillette works alone!

1. He is the happiest person I know.

People tell me I'm super happy. They may be right...

What many people don't know, is that this artist is naturally pretty depressive. I am bipolar.  Bipolar is often more about sinking depression, than anything. Oh, and creativity too.

As of 3 years ago, I thought I would be sick, depressed, and suicidal for the rest of my life.

I'm now super happy because I can do art, enjoy myself, and help people.

When I stopped suppressing my artistic tendencies, everything got much better.

This artist is the happiest artist I know!


2. Matt is a Picasso fanboy

Ohh, I get it, but it's also untrue.

Van Gogh inspired me more than any other artist. His ability to make an unexpected and profound mark or stroke completely changed how I look at painting, and drawing.

The surrealist artists are another huge influence. I'm a process artist, kind of like a surrealist is. Surrealist games are the basis of a lot of my paintings, drawings, and philosophies!

Picasso, I studied for a few months in 2012~. I like his later work, but I kind of scowl when I see anything about Picasso; He sounded like an egotistical jerk of an artist.

What's more, I don't know how my goals and focus could be any further removed from his. My life sure is different, too.

As an artist, and a person, I am definitely not trying to emulate Picasso.

spontaneous digital art of a doggy!


3. Matt cares about critics!

"My 3rd grader could do better"

"You're just a psychopath with a paintbrush"

Art related insults are:

  • Comical.
  • Flattering.

In all honesty, abandoning some of my ego was the most important part of improving my art. 


4. Matt Vaillette works alone!

I certainly do spend a lot of time indoors, alone. Hey, I'm an introvert. I am also getting involved with the local communities within Leominster, MA (my hometown!)


The name of my game is teamwork, friendship, and so on. Without allies, I will not accomplish my very positive social goals, so I am working at putting myself out there more. 

I've been working at becoming more proactive in starting discussions online, and locally...just remember to prod me, to get my attention...cause I'm new at this.

Collaborative art

And hey, you know I do collaborative artwork sometimes? Maybe we could create something together!

I'm looking to work together with people, artists or not...so send me an email!