Leominster free art drop 9/23

Read about my free art drop on 9/23/2014 in Leominster, MA.

3 marker illustrations to be found, and taken home free!

3 marker illustrations to be found, and taken home free!

Creating the drawings

I created these marker illustrations on wood yesterday. They were quick to make, and I think they came out quite nice!

I almost didn't want to give the middle one away!

Location of the drop

I dropped the free art in Leominster, near Ginny's Food Pantry. Right by those old railroad tracks that connect Water st & Mechanic st near downtown Leominster.

It's a popular hangout for a friend of mine, and he's always delighted to find my free art around town.

The spot is also a pretty high traffic trail, as it cuts between two busy streets.

Semi-abstract portrait. Marker illustration on primed wood. Part of this free art drop!


How it worked out

I wrote about doing smaller, unscheduled hunts. That's what I did today—a small free art drop.

I liked doing this drop near downtown Leominster. It was more like a short walk, than anything.

Rather than driving myself crazy, by creating 40-50 artworks in a day, I can take it easy and do a little every day.

It's nice to not have a deadline. I don't do well with regularly occuring deadlines.

Art left next to the railroad tracks in Leominster. This is between Mechanic st and Water st.


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Free art. A semi-abstract portrait. Marker on wood.