Leominster: Public art hunt 9/20

Read about my last weekly public art scavenger hunt in Leominster, MA for 2014. (I'll still be doing events, just not every Saturday)

A piece of framed artwork posing in Carter Park, Leominster, MA

A piece of framed artwork posing in Carter Park, Leominster, MA

How this hunt was different

For one, the mixed-media paintings are better than before. I spent more time creating artwork for Leominster to enjoy.

There were were also more paintings to go around this time.

Photo of a mixed media painting in Pine Grove Cemetery.


Art on display, too!

I had some mixed media and digital media works on public display (nearby my picnic with Kristen!)

Photo of a large mixed media painting on public display in Carter Park.

There were some large paintings, and some small ones in frames.

I want to get Leominster used to consuming art publicly.

I want to see more than scavenger hunts...I want to see all sorts of artwork and artists in our great city!


The turnout

The weather was really nice, but it was overcast, so not many people came to Carter Park.

Most of the people in the park did say something nice. They were in support of what me and Kristen had set up!

Maybe on a sunny day, it would have grabbed the attention of more people!

Mixed media painting of a rocket ship, against a tree in Carter Park


Preparing Art for Leominster

Some of the paintings created for my 9/20 hunt

Some of the paintings created for my 9/20 hunt

These public art hunts take a lot of work.

It's much more involved than painting a bunch of wood. I have to secure the wood, and get it cut. I have to prime everything, wait for stuff to dry, paint 10-20 pieces, wait for them to dry, add marker drawings to them, and so on.

When the paintings are finished, I still have to create, print, cut, & staple promo materials to the back of each painting!


Hiding the artwork

Then, I go hide it all (and take pictures). Sometimes Kristen or my mom helps. This is also fairly time consuming, but it is a release...no more paintings taking up my living space.

Photos, promotion, etc

There's more! I've gotta process pictures still!

Aaaaand promote the hunts, so more people will enjoy them.

The reason I do it:

  1. Spreading love, happiness, and art!

Artwork hidden on a utility box. Carter Park.


Future local art events

Last weekly hunt in 2014

I had planned for this to be the last weekly hunt. What that means is, I won't be doing them every Saturday.

Unplanned Hunts in Leominster

I'll be doing smaller unplanned hunts around town, on any given day.

Other events in Leominster

I'll still be posting about local artsy stuff in Leominsterites Unite, a local public group on facebook.

There are also other types of local events in Leominster's future! They're on my list of things to do, atleast.


Donate to keep this going!

These hunts are hard work, and the materials aren't free. If you want to help keep them going, or you had a lot of fun, donate a buck!


Contact me!!