Leominster art hunt—update 9/12

Read about the next Leominster Art Scavenger Hunt & plans for future hunts. 9/12/2014

Recent Street Art Hunts:

On to the post!

Art for the Leominster art scavenger hunt.  This is a super art-treasure that will be harder to find.

Future Art Hunts in Leominster

I'm changing where, when, & how I do my art scavenger hunts, in Leominster. This is to keep things interesting for me, as well as more manageable. The prep work for these public art hunts is a real challenge.


More locations

Carter Park in Leominster was where I've dropped most of the art so far. This is changing. I'll be dropping art in suitable locations (still around Leominster) when/where I can get to them (I don't drive).

Places like Carter Park, near downtown Leominster, graveyards, and maybe Sholan Farms. I really want to drop some art on Mechanic Street too!

More drop times

Paintings will be hidden at different times in Leominster, but I won't always tell anyone in advance.


Unannounced hunts

I may not announce some of the art I drop around town. When I do announce an art drop, it'll usually be after I've already finished hiding everything!

Higher quality artwork

I'm working on upping the quality of art I drop around Leominster.

I've had some issues with some of my supplies. The plywood I buy is sometimes very rough, making it hard to draw/paint something nice.

I've started to prime those rough pieces first. It's time (& $) consuming, but it seems to help a lot to smooth things out.


Winter plans

This winter, I may focus more on dropping artwork downtown and on busy sidewalks instead of at parks. 

My main concern is that downtown is within walking distance of my home, and people will be around there regardless of the snow.

I'll probably focus less on these public art events during the winter, because lets face it...the cold stinks.


My Next Art Hunt

I'm dropping artwork for tomorrow at an untold place in Leominster. I may announce the location after everything is hidden!

Golden Super Treasure!

There will be ONE super-treasure for scavengers to uncover in Leominster. This artwork will be bigger, better, and has gold paint around the edges. Oo la la!

This is a fun experimental change, and I hope it excites & motivates everyone to look around more!

Give me some feedback about how it works!

Treasure made for a local (Leominster) Art Scavenger Hunt


Call for participation!

I'd LOVE to join forces with Leominster locals!

Scrap wood

I use scrap wood to create the paintings that I drop around Leominster. If you have any you want to get rid of, I'll take some!

A kind soul has given me some scrap wood already, and it's a BIG HELP!!

Feedback & ideas

Tell me how a hunt went! How can I improve them? This information helps me to better serve Leominster...It's super-helpful!

Something else

I'm open to other kinds of help & participation! Talk to me!