Public Art Hunt Success! (Leominster, MA)

Read about my public/performance art success in Carter Park, Leominster, MA.

Mixed media portrait art hidden in a stone wall.

My First Public Art Piece

I believe everyone should have access to art.

I created over 40 mixed media artworks to stash in Carter Park, Leominster, MA. I still have lots more art to hide.

Below are successes, goals, and future plans for this ongoing project.

Interaction with the event

This was SO exciting. I hid 14 artworks on Saturday. Families came and scooped them all up!

Every portrait was found. Some were in pretty difficult spots!

On Labor Day I dropped 18 more pieces and got to talk with some happy people! More positive feedback.

Public art hidden in the graveyard in Carter Park.

Excited Children!

Kids were running around screaming happily! It was so fun!

I connected with some families on facebook to talk about it. They gave great feedback. Both positive, and constructive.

They gave me great ideas for improvements I can make!

People picked up the art!

At first I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure if people would care, or notice the art—or if they would pick it up. It just so happened, people were quick to show up at Carter Park and find art!

Fun for families!

It was clear that families with kids were engaging with my project. They were happy to have something free & fun to do outdoors. They were happy to take home art too!

One family proudly took a photo, with their child holding a cute portrait of a girl.

Mixed media portrait hidden in a tree. Carter Park, Leominster, MA.

Future Art Hunt Plans

This will be an ongoing event. I'll be doing more art drops, especially on weekends if the weather isn't too hot, cold, or wet.

For kids:

Animal Illustrations! Cute & funny drawings of animals aimed at a younger audience.

The paper stapled to the backs of each artwork will be intended to get excited about the activity & art.

For everyone:

I'll expand beyond Carter Park. Carter was my testing ground. I want to spill art into downtown Leominster, and other busy areas. Maybe Mechanic street in Leominster. 

More generally, I'm thinking I need to hide the art differently.

Some will be easier to find, and some will be harder. I want to attract people who are unaware of the activity, pull them in, and get them looking for the tough gems.

Portrait of a girl. Hidden up against tree. Carter Park, Leominster, MA.

Follow the hunt!

Most people have found out about my art hunts via (facebook group) Leominsterites Unite. It's a great local group! If the weather is good, I'll be posting again next weekend, and hiding some more artwork!

Here's the location of Carter Park, Leominster, MA, USA.

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