Public Art Hunt Experiment (Leominster, MA)

Public Art: I hide art, and you find it. Begins early Sept 2014 in Leominster, MA, USA..


Public Art Project Details

What is it? I place pieces of art around town for people to find.

Goal: Get people in Leominster excited about art!

Location: Carter Park

Start Date: Early September.

40+ Pieces of Art

I created over 40 pieces to start.

Since I'm poor, the elephant in the room is: How can I afford this?

So how can I afford this?

If you're giving away your art, it doesn't matter much what it's on. Or does it? 

I want you to get something of value. I want you to be excited when you find a piece, and I felt it all came down to the substrate, or material that I am drawing on.

Needs: Low price. Has to hold up to weather. What would be valued? What might be big enough to get attention? What's big enough for my shaky hands to paint on?

Ultimately, I chose reclaimed plywood. I know a place to get it cheap. It's always in perfect condition.

In total, each 5x7" piece cost me about 3-5 cents (including the markers and paint.) Most of the cost was my time.

How'd you paint em?

First I threw down some marker squiggles. Next I paint-brushed some red paint on there. Afterwards, sometimes I added some more marker marks!

Paintbrushes are nice, but I'm never happy with a piece unless I can draw on it.

Promo stuff

Part fun, part marketing experiment; I stapled some simple promo materials on the back of each artwork in case this idea goes well! 

It describes that the art is there to be taken. It also point to my website, and to my art at the Leominster Art Center & Gallery (45 main street.)

Sellout? Totally. I've got good reasons.

The more art I sell, the more food I can donate! Half the money my business makes goes to Ginny's Food Pantry, as food.

Here's hoping!

Uncertainty About the Project!

I'm done all the prep work (for this run of artwork), and yet I have no clue how people will respond. My biggest fear is that it will get ignored.

I do expect kids and older people to slow down and check out the art. I just don't know! Leominster doesn't have a ravenous appetite for art (yet).

What will I tell my ego??

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