Creativity is a toolbox for life

  1. I find thoughts and behaviors to be tools, like a hammer... or a car.
  2. As humans, we can redesign our tools.
  3. We use these tools creatively.

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What is creativity?

"Creativity is a toolbox," but which "tools" are inside?

A lot. Every one?


If you ask people what activities and people are creative, you get "Art, music, & writing are creative." or "Bipolar artists are creative"

A few might say "engineers and scientists are creative." 

Even fewer would say "taking out the trash." or "being a waitress." are creative ventures.

Those things require creative effort. Everything does, and everyone is creative.

On Waitressing

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Serving customers as a waiter involves many hardships. You lack time and money. You must be creative to stay afloat both on and off the job.

The prospect of anticipating a customer's needs, so that you can get your pay, definitely calls for creative thinking.

On Art (On Marketing)

  • Creating a unique style of art requires a lot of creative efforts.
  • Marketing & selling art requires at least as many creative efforts.

On Mundane Activities

These all require creative thought and action!

  • Cook that without eggs.
  • Dealing with hardships.
  • Get a promotion.
  • Do 10 minutes of work, in 9.
  • Formulate a sentence.
  • Avoid a car accident.

Big Picture of Creativity

  1. The world affects my brain.
  2. My brain helps me create.
  3. My creations affect the world.
  4. The world affects my brain

Everything you experience affects your creative qualities & capacity.

Life is a catalyst to art. 

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Society as a Medium.

By "medium" I refer to the channel, across a network, by which transmissions or "messages" travel!

Art does not simply exist in our heads. Society plays a monumental role in our development as organisms.

Our creations in turn, are reflective of our society. Those creations go on, in some way, to change society.

Knowing this, my goal is automatic. "How can I steer a community towards good, using art?". 

What would that art look like? How, as a business, would I operate? How do I survive? How, as a business, would I operate? How do I survive?

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Life is messy,

and so, there is creativity.

You use creativity each day. It probably doesn't make you famous, but it sure is useful and necessary.

Whatever your strengths, know this: Just because you aren't an artist, musician, or writer, doesn't mean you aren't creative. You can improve your creativity too!

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