Humanity, Creativity, Honesty: Why I create Art

Read about why I create art, & how creativity and self-expression are healthy!

A poem, to illustrate.

"Just a little bit freekay", one print available.

I love, so I create.
I feel, so I create.
I think, so I create.
I create, so I am.

Why I create

The simplest way to begin, is that we are all swimming in creativity. Many of us unlearn our creative habits as we go through school, but we are still (creative) humans.

Regular creative action is a healthy life choice, and for me, it was the only thing that could fix bipolar depression.

I create, so I am healthy.

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I use art to take action!

Positive action not only reinforces the world, but also our own good habits that create good health!

Take actions you believe in. 
You will live longer, work harder, and fight with such ferocity.

To clarify, below: some actions that I consider positive, which I also believe in.

  • Donating 50+% of profits to a food pantry.
  • Taking direct artistic action to cheer people up.
  • Transmitting positive & transformative messages to people.

These help me keep my art going strong!

Self-expression is important too!

"I'm Matt, I'm Bipolar, and sometimes confetti shoots out of my ears."
— First line of my okcupid profile (online dating)

The result of that line: I'm now dating someone who not only finds my humor hilarious, but she also is 100% cool and supportive about my illness.

"Masks" by Shel Silverstein

She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid,
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by—
And never knew.

Art is no different!

If my expressions are true to me, and I work hard, I will find people who believe in what I believe in.

What does it all mean?

Creativity is honestly human—Doing what we believe in makes us stronger—And expressing ourselves genuinely makes us more effective.

If that's not enough, all of these things make us happier and healthier.

That's all folks!

Comment below about your creative habits, and why they are important!