Art Hunt on December 14th 2014

Today I dropped some artwork at Carter Park in Leominster, MA. The drawings are free to grab and take home, but I ask you to be kind and let others find some too!

I hadn't done any art drops like this in a bit. Mostly it's because I've been suffering from seasonal depression. I've also had trouble getting wood cut, so if you're in town and you have scrap wood you don't want...just email me!

Please excuse the poor quality mobile photos!


How This Art Is Different

I'm always looking for more efficient ways to create better art! That means fewer resources, recycled stuff...and greater value to the people who enjoy my art!

These drawings are done with sharpie markers and some colored pencils. I enjoyed creating them much more because I prefer drawing tools to painting.

I also used less paper and ink to write my information on the back.!

Get them quick!

There's only 10 pieces this time, so you should grab them fast! For the most part they are pretty obviously "hidden" around Carter Park...which is near downtown Leominster.