7 Free Art-Related Things I Do

Read this quick list of 7 things I do for free—and take advantage of them!

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The List of Free Things I Do

  1. Hiding free art around Leominster Parks
  2. Putting all my artwork on social media.
  3. My entire collection is available on dropbox
  4. Free art classes for low-income kids.
  5. Sending sad people free illustrations of flowers (made just for them!)
  6. Snail mail surprises including free drawings & stuff.
  7. 20% of each art sale is donated to local charity.

1. Hiding Free Paintings Around Leominster

It started in Carter Park, one Saturday. I hid about 6 pieces of art, with my info on the back. I posted on a local facebook group about it. The artwork got scooped up almost immediately.

On Sunday I hid 8 more. Then next week I hid about 20 pieces...then 30...after not long I had hidden over 200 pieces of art for people to find and take home.

I had visited Barrett Park, Carter Park, and various side streets which had lots of foot traffic. I even hid some artwork along Mayor Dean Mazzarella's yearly stroll through Leominster.

Hiding all this art is actually quite a lot of work and requires some money too! Gathering materials—moving things from here to there—making the art...and printing up mini-flyers to go on the backs of each painting.


2. Putting All My Art on Social Media


This is how I connect most people with my paintings and illustrations. It's especially rewarding when people tell me my art made a difference in their day.

It's also time consuming to build and manage yourself on several social networks. Whew—but as long as you are there, I will be posting my images!


3. My Entire Art Collection on Dropbox

You can get web-quality images of my entire art collection via this dropbox link. They're usually between 1200px and 1500px on the long side.

My art collection is primarily comprised of digital paintings and illustrations.

You can put that entire collection on a digital picture frame too!

4. Free Art Classes for Low-Income Kids!

Amy & Rolffy with his spooky painted pumpkin—from our 10/27/2014 pumpkin painting class.

Amy & Rolffy with his spooky painted pumpkin—from our 10/27/2014 pumpkin painting class.

I believe free art classes, events, and free art instruction is important; Nowadays public schools can't be counted on to supply decent art education—and most parents aren't willing to spend money on private art lessons.

Nonetheless, having art in your life, especially as a kid, correlates with a lot of positive outcomes for a person. Free art classes are a great opportunity to help our families and children.

Myself and fellow artist Amy Vaillancourt ran a free pumpkin painting class for low-income housing complex Riverside Apartments in Leominster. That happened on 10/27/2014.

It went really well and I can't wait to do more! They have a beautiful community of people there...and oodles of kids. 360~ children in all. About 8-9% of them showed up, so we had a full classroom.


5. Sending Sad People Free Illustrations of Flowers

I sometimes make free illustrations of flowers for people who are sad, and send them over Tumblr, Facebook, Email, or some other channel.

It usually makes the recipient happy! I have some pretty wild stories about this, such as: preventing suicide and general happiness.

I also send them for birthdays, or just because. Go ahead and contact me for flowers!

The flower illustrations I send electronically are made for you—and I sell reproductions of them too.

6. Snail Mail Surprises!

I sometimes send art, cards, and letters to people. I often slip free original artwork in with orders—like mixed-media paintings and drawings, sketches, or cards.

Be my friend =) It's worth it! ♥

7... 20% of each sale is donated to charity!

I believe by helping those most in need you can make the most difference—while also helping everybody else. I donate 20% of each sale to a local food pantry in Leominster. I also volunteer there =)


Take Advantage, and Think about Donating!