Is Digital Art Really Really Art? Really?!

Digital media artwork of someone making physical media artwork. Hehe.

Hello! I'm a digital artist. I won't just feed you what I think. <3

Is digital art really art?

What is art?

Read some definitions of art in this google search, "what is art" for starters. Art is hard to define, so it should be lively!

Plus more knowledge in your brains!


I'm going to spoil things now.

Most professional illustrators and fine art illustrators use Wacom tablets. They create fantastic, expressive drawings that tell stories. Also, all the painterly fine artists I know consider digital art to indeed be art, even though they prefer paints.

That's not to say all those people enjoy digital art. Their taste does not change what it is though.

Okay. Fine! I'll tell you my definition of art!  "Something that was created to be art." What's your definition?

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