Disabilities, Setbacks, and Art

How our disabilities and setbacks set us apart—And how that can differentiate you from other Artists, in a good way! 

Setbacks can be good

"Man With Earrings" a primitive surrealistic digital painting by Matt Vaillette—February 2013

The things that restrict us make us interesting by pointing us in different directions. If you're not doing one thing, you're doing something else— Something different!

These restrictions make us who we are just as much as our abilities and strengths.

For an artist, that is pure gold—Uniqueness is an important part of creative success.

Personal Examples: How my Art became more unique.

Some personal examples of setbacks which have made my Art more unique)

My Attention problems & perfectionism

 "Art In Your Eyes", digital portrait painting by Matt Vaillette, February 2013

A year ago, I was the worst perfectionist. It was so bad that after most Art sessions, I was left in a sour mood. I would get nothing done, because I would just correct everything into nothingness.

I also have a very short attention span!!

I figured out that by working on Art quickly (I mean, really fast) I could satisfy my craving for new artwork every 2-5 minutes.... 

Annnnnnnnnd it prevents my perfectionism from kicking in. 

Nowadays, I'm not a perfectionist with my Art. I just do it. Lots of it (quickly)... This sets me apart, but it also makes me happy—It's tailored to my needs. 

Depression & Art

I'm Bipolar—There was a time when I was depressed...It lasted most of my life until about 2012. That is when I started to look to Art as a positive, healing force.

By making my Art practice affordable, I could do it every day, for hours. By speeding up my Artistic processes, I could enjoy it more too.

This not only made me more productive, and happy, but these things (as I've said) set me apart from other artists.

Bipolar disorder sufferers are often pretty creative, too.

Fear of Wasting Materials (EEEEK) 

I've always been pretty anxious. I could be the best of my friends at something, but if we were competing in any sort of official way, I would choke. CHOKE! 

Well, nowadays I can paint on canvas. But before, I would choke for fear of wasting the materials. Materials are expensive after all. 

I started using paper, and eventually switched to digital art (which I still do, mainly)

After some time, I can now paint with expensive materials...But you know what? I prefer creating digital fine art, even if it's not fully accepted by the Art World.

It's another thing that sets me apart. 

My Response to these setbacks makes me Unique.

 "Blond Woman", digital portrait painting by Matt Vaillette—February 2013

  • Don't just do Art, but tailor it to you, your setbacks, and your strengths. 
  • Differentiating yourself from other Artists is usually going to benefit you.

It takes practice...

Completely changing up the fundamental ways I did Art was exciting, but it took practice to get the hang of the change.

Stick to itThere are prizes all along the way =)

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