Meaning of 8 Medicine Portraits

8 recent portraits involving photographs of medication which were drawn over. And why I did it.

 "Medicine Portrait 2" by Matt Vaillette - photography & digital drawing

These Medicine Portraits

They are particularly meaningful to me—They feature photographs of my psychiatric medication, which I draw portraits onto digitally.

 "Medicine Portrait 2x4" by Matt Vaillette - photography + digital art

Things I see in them

I see a lot in them. My own struggles with finding the right treatments for Bipolar Disorder—I see other's struggles too. 

I see people who define themselves based on their disorders, health problems, etc .

I see a health care system that does the expensive thing instead of the right thing—Convincing us to take pills rather than get exercise, for example. 

Not to say that none of us benefit from medications and treatments, but we don't benefit from the idea that we are too sick to help ourselves. 

 "Medicine Portrait 2x3" Aug 2013 by Matt Vaillette — photography, psychiatric medicine, digital drawing.

The first line of defense:

In the U.S. the first line of defense against depression is a pill, for example. 

In other places, it is exercise—That is safer, healthier, and cheaper....Not to mention quicker, and more effective. 

Notice, I said cheaper—It doesn't make the system money.

 "Medicine Portrait 3" by Matt Vaillette

The Power of the right Treatment

Of course, there are lots of cases where medical treatments do help, for sure. 

My medication helps me live a balanced life, but it doesn't fix everything.  No amount of medication could make me happy in the long term.

Doing Art each day helps me be even more balanced, and content. It gives me purpose.

No pill will give you happiness.

Live a balanced life. Be unstoppable. =)

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