Manic art by Matt Vaillette

A video about bipolar disorder — Art I created while manic.

UPDATE: Healthy Now, and More Creative

Here it is October 2014, long after I created this art. I'm doing well, and feeling quite healthy—and I'm much more creative now.

I wanted to clear something up. Although bipolar disorder does tend to improve your creativityyou don't need to be sick to get that benefit.

Even if you're healthy—not depressed or high—Your mind will be full of great ideas to act on.

You'll also have more of other qualities which are useful for creatives, in the long run.

Manic Highs = Short-Term Benefits

Manic highs seem to make you feel creative, but once you have experience and confidence with a craft, or medium, you don't need those highs to feel confident.

Afterwards, you're usually screwed and unable to work hard until you have another fleeting hypomanic moment.

It resembles an addiction.

Manic Art Video Transcript

0:00 So I'm bipolar and the way that that interacts with creating art and you know just affecting a person is rather profound. 

0:10 So I'm going to show you some art that I created during a manic episode. It's a series, only, I sold most of it, I kept the two favorites. 

"Delusions of Grandeur" 

Manic Artwork by Matt Vaillette — "Delusions of Grandeur" — 2010, acrylic paint on canvas

0:23 This first piece is actually called "delusions of grandeur"— it sort of explains this feeling umm when you're manic or even hypomanic (which is the lesser form of mania), you tend to not really know or be aware of anyone that's around you. You kind of just—you're set on a path. The path changes a lot.

You're on a path, and there's nothing else except what you want to accomplish. 

1:00 So you know I set to paint this and I wasn't really aware of anything and I didn't plan this at all—I didn't plan out this piece. I kind of just, you know, this this, grandeur, that you experience... that unawareness is what the desert really stands for.

1:21 There's really nothing around except you. You're just so inflated, your ego is inflated, um , you're gigantic and you're unstoppable.

1:32 And you do things which could potentially hurt yourself or other people and you're just not aware of it. You just continue on to your path. So that's what this stands for.


1:44 I have another piece, the second piece that I have left from this series. The name of the piece is "disjasket". It means dilapitated. And, the name actually was how I felt at the time.

The meaning of the painting is more about the um the thought process when you're high like that when you're elevated—so high. 

2:20 Your thought process: you have a very strong focus towards something but your focus changes a lot. And so, I just kind of surrendered to that, I was aware of it, and so I got engulfed by it. I just started throwing images down and then I had a sponge in my left hand, and I would obscure things and paint over them. 

There was a lot of water on the canvas, and some dripping. And Um but I had really just started painting, I had never really painted before so. 

2:59 So yea, manic thinking, it's a very disconnected way of thinking. You know, you have a lot of thoughts. I'll say the quality of some of the thoughts is so great like, you come up with these great ideas, and you never follow through with them. They just kind of disappear into the mist or something. 

So yea, that's all I really have to say. and, check out my website, you can get prints of other work. 

I'm not selling these two pieces but please like, and subscribe and all that goodness. Thanks.


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