Art Stream

Artwork as I make it. Old faves too. Hope you enjoy! (There's more stuff below.)


What I Do:

Oh? I create colorful portraits! And faces are so familiar to everyone that I'm free to use odd shapes and colors.

Do I plan anything? Nope. Everything is improvised.

Creative Rules:

What do you think art is? I say art is almost anything. It doesn't have to be good, or pretty. So I create freely and in volume. I act without a plan. I focus on the work, the process... ...and not the imageThe act of creating matters most.


Extra Weird Art Collection:

These are the weird pieces. There's more, but this is fine for now.


Why I Draw:

Drawing is the best therapy. That's why. Art got me into my 30s (I think I'm 31?) It helps me cope with bipolar disorder too. Creative stuff makes me well.


Recent Writing:

Wanna read my thoughts on art, creativity, and struggling? These are from my blog.


How I Choose Colors:

Color is complicated—so I use the shotgun approach. Pretty scientific, huh?

I try out color combos as quick as I can. As the colors buzz by, suddenly I feel it. (IMPACT! You know?) I do this for each piece—start to finish.


Heart Filled Art Collection:

Do you like kindness? Duh! ;)

Hearts, like color, add a different vibe to each drawing.


Donation Pitch:

Ummm, so... I want my creative efforts freely available, so I don't focus much on sales. When I am going after sales, I'm usually donating some or all profits to help others. 

But I live in literal poverty—so if you enjoy what I'm doing please donate? :)


*All donations go to food, shelter, ground coffee, internet, art stuff, etc.

Where To Next?



Latest Blog Post?

Get to know me?

Hello, I'm Matt!!!

I'm a comical bipolar artist. I didn't choose it, but it's kinda neat (sometimes?)

I'm nerd-tastic too. Not a cool nerd. I enjoy programming, video games, and numbers. I once combined all three to create financial & surveillance programs (for exploiting EVE Online data sets.)

P.S. You can email me. <3

Play Trump Jump?

This is my first video game creation. It is a satirical poke at Donald Trump's Mexican border wall plans.

In Trump Jump you're an illegal alien (in a UFO that shoots tacos.) Donald Trump has one eye. Otherwise it's completely factual, "trust me."

The point is to fly over as many border walls as possible—without getting messed up by Trump's hate-spew. (Swastikas.)

  • Game accepts touch commands.
  • It'll be choppy on many mobile devices though.

Do you dare? Yes? Then play Trump Jump.