Portrait artwork of a young woman; Matt Vaillette, 2016

My art is a celebration

of diversity and silliness; I use it to further peace, generosity, and inclusion. Everyone is weird!

My focus is on expressing the wild personality in everything I see... especially people.

Art for all!

Art is more than a luxury—so I run impromptu art hunts in Leominster, MA. People can find free paintings! (newspaper)

Mental illness

... I know the struggle! I'm bipolar. I often use my art to talk about mental illness related things. If we don't talk it won't change.

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Creative process

is more important to me than the finished art. I get obsessed with how things are done. Art objects are less important to me.

My work is improvised; I rarely start drawing with a subject or feeling in mind. It just happens. It’s intense and meditative.

Artistic media?

I prefer digital—but I enjoy any drawing materials. I like mixing digital and analogue; They give me ideas and assist me with each other.

My favorite artist

is either Vincent Van Gogh or J.M. Basquiat. They both had short lived artistic careers but their fires still burn.

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A portrait painting still on the canvas roll.
Matt Vaillette, 2016