A scribbly portrait drawing by Matt Vaillette, 2016.

I Make Art

Making art allows me to be well with Bipolar Disorder. So I tend to make art. That doesn't mean drawing is easy—but very important.

My Artwork

Most of my artwork is scribbly portraits. I do them spontaneously; No planning. Color being key, but I don't hold onto standard color relationships. The mechanics of color are too complex for that!

Why I Use Digital Media

I work in primarily digital media. It certainly has its drawbacks. I choose it for the experience and ease at which it lets me spread my art (indoors and out.)


Generosity is creative—and one of my favorite uses for creativity. There are many ways to be kind with art! They've lead to me drawing lots of flowers, leaving lots of gifts around, and improving my own failing mood.

My Art Journal

I just started an 'art journal' series on my blog. Go check out the first journal entry !!