Art to Help the World!

Everyone is different and we should help each other!

My Artistic Focus

Painting and drawing are important to me, but they themselves are not enough! My art involves helping people and society!

I'm inspired by social practice in the arts, and by social entrepreneurs.

What I Do

I tell uplifting stories with visual art; I also create charitable donations, free events, free art, free art classes, and more!

Who Am I?

I'm Matt Vaillette, a visual artist who's familiar with the healing powers of creative expression.

I've survived and recovered from mental illness, prejudice, and boredom using art.

What Others Say

"...One of the most talented-creative-amazing-original and unique artists I know!"
—Karla M.R.

"Fantastic and fun use of colour and imagery! Your art always makes me smile AND think!"
—Jenn S.

—CutZy McCall, artist

"So simple and yet effective, positive and lively" 
—Iphie, artist

"Enlightenment" ♥ digital illustration by Matt Vaillette