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August 26th to present.

Beautiful Portrait Illustration!

This piece of art is one of my favorites of August. I'll be hard pressed to top it in September!

I treated it first as a true abstract drawing before turning it into a person; This technique I've used off and on for a while.

I'm only printing it once. Contact me to buy it first!

"5fda" by Matt Vaillette, 2014

by Matt Vaillette
August 31th, 2014

New framed art in the shop!

Framed & matted mixed media portrait by Matt Vaillette.

Comes ready to hang! $35, a quick trip in the mail, and it'll be on your wall in no time.

The art is 5x7" — the total size is about 9x11".

The matting allows you to remove the artwork in the future if you end up wanting to re-frame it!

And of course, part of the sale goes to Ginny's Food Pantry, feeding Leominster Locals!

by Matt Vaillette
August 31th, 2014

Art Q&A with Matt by Matt

Q— "What's your primary artistic goal?"

A— "At my core, I want to help people. I want to use art to change minds. I want my art to be the grease that helps good things happen."

I want to make my living too, but without that love I'd be lost."

Q— "What do you see in your art?"

A— "When we look at one another, we see categories. We lump each other into categories. It helps us make sense of this place, but it also hurts.

When I see my art, I see what, 8,000+ unique people? That's how it really is. That's how society is. We're all quite different, but most of us require some kind of acceptance too."

by Matt Vaillette
August 30th, 2014

abstract digital portraiture "34aa" 2014 by Matt Vaillette

Art hunt hint #1 in Carter Park, Leominster, MA.

The Great Art Hunt has begun!

I hid six pieces of art this morning in Carter Park, Leominster, MA.

Go out into the world, and find my art! If the response is good, I might do this regularly!

UPDATE: Art Hunt success!

I heard online that some kids excitedly gathered 4 of those first artworks. When I looked at the park, around 4pm, all 6 portrait artworks were gone!

When I dropped more portraits (at 4pm) , some more excited kids were running around looking for them.

Very fun. I'll be doing this next weekend. Gonna try to put out some art tomorrow morning (Sunday) too.

by Matt Vaillette
August 30th, 2014

Art therapy & me

How I used art therapy to overhaul myself & my life.

Did you know that 3 years ago I didn't believe in at all?

10 years ago I couldn't look someone new in the face and communicate—I couldn't communicate staring at the floor either.

Well in 2012 I started creating a new kind of art, as an experiment; It was tailored to counter my worst habits, and emblazon my greatest strengths!

Knowing nothing about art therapy, I combined behavioral therapy with a brand new art style, and process, all in the name of my mental health.

In 2 days my depression was replaced with calm happiness.

Over the last 2 years I've begun to explore ideas about people, society, ethics, poverty, happiness, and of course individuality.

The risks, knowledge, and good health has given me mastery over myself, and a safe place to explore my beliefs.

Where I was once fearfully silent, I am now outspoken. Where I was once neutral, I am charging forth with some kind of help.

In 6% of my lifespan (2 years), I've solved 100% of my biggest personal problems. I've learned a lot, and grown a lot.

Thank you art. Thank you world.

by Matt Vaillette
August 29th, 2014

digital art, "Sunshine in your brain cavity" by Matt Vaillette

New Framed Artwork!

I'm enjoying framing more now.

My goal was to make the mat part of this artwork. Make them inseparable.

I think this yellow mat did the job!! Excitement, energy, mystery...quirk!

Anyways, you can be the ONLY one to own this. It's a unique print! Get it quick!

"Mummy of the fifth order", digital, 12x15" Giclée print.

Total size is about 18x21"

by Matt Vaillette
August 29th, 2014

"The part where we break it down"

"Why don't you like me"

Art from March 2014

This is my favorite month to date. I look back and wonder what I did right! I wish I had been journaling regularly back in March. I might gleam some insights about what made such great art! A great excuse to go write in my journal...right now!

by Matt Vaillette
August 28th, 2014


Quick & Lovely Animation

"Make sure you love", animation, 2014.

Love one, and love many. Love  what you do. Love life! Just love a lot.

Make sure you love, cause then that squiggly line inside you can dance around like this.

That little red spaghetti thing is your soul being happy.

Or something.

If you want a print of one or all of the frames, contact me!

by Matt Vaillette
August 27th, 2014

"Make sure you love", gif portrait animation, 2014

"trendy and nice", digital portrait art, 2014.

Love this portrait.

"Trendy and nice", digital, 2014

A trendy youngin'. He or she appears to be contemplating something.

The propagation of world changing messages facebook? Maybe.

Whatever it is—The colors, shapes, or cute snowflake shirt...I love this one.

Want to buy it? Right now 25% of each sale goes to charity!

Only one is available, so hurry up and contact me!

by Matt Vaillette
August 27th, 2014

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by Matt Vaillette
August 26th, 2014

40+ mixed media portraits on plywood

Upcoming Art Hunt

I'll soon be releasing my artwork out into the wilds of Leominster, MA (downtown-ish).

If you find any of these, pick them up!

I've created over 40 mixed media portraits on plywood—with more to come.

Stay tuned for more info.

by Matt Vaillette
August 26th, 2014

Abstract portrait of redhead ~ "234er" by Matt Vaillette

Eyes on red

I just love red. The reddest red! It's such a powerful color.

I enjoy how her wavy red hair dominates this piece.

"234er", digital, 2014, by Matt Vaillette

Only selling one print. Contact me to order!

by Matt Vaillette
August 26th, 2014

Five Mixed Media Paintings

Portraits created using graffiti markers, acrylic paint, and graphite.

They are 5x7" artworks on 6x8" vellum paper. I'll be matting them to go in 8x10" frames.

I'll be cutting mats one of these days, so check back soon!

Contact me to secure yours!

by Matt Vaillette
August 26th, 2014

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