"Happiness 4sure", 2014, one print available up to 24x30"

Promise of Kindness

My artwork will help others as it helps me. It's funding good causes, changing minds, and cheering people up!

50% of Profits to Charity!

1/2 of profits are donated to Ginny's Food Pantry in Leominster, MA. I'm also looking to take on an additional cause temporarily.
Contact me if you know of a cause!

One of a Kind Art!

When you buy wall art from me, you'll own the only physical copy. I don't make reproductions of wall art.

Art Projects

"Studies of Individuality"

This is a rapidly growing collection of portraits I started in 2012. It reached 3000 pieces in the first 6 months.

The purpose is to explore social issues relating to individuality, and personality...it's a response to the bullying, alienation, and stigma I've experienced through my life.

Almost every portrait is from my imagination.

"Portrait of Woman 201", 2012. One print available.

"Flowers for Humanity"

I seek out people having bad days and send them flowers. These flowers are digital artwork (made just for you) delivered over the internet.

By request I will send anyone flowers, for any reason!

Optionally, people can buy *their* flowers. Unsold flowers will be available publicly.

Contact me to get some free flowers!

"untitled", 2014, One print available

Visit the Mini-Shop

You can see some of my art in the mini-shop, or more of it in my portfolio.