Happiness. Art. Yay!

I create happy-strange artwork about super important topics like personality, happiness, and being weird.

Everyone is weird—so you already have something in common with me and my art!

Why I Make My Art

In 2010 I got back into art for its therapeutic value. By the way, I'm bipolar!

I started to explore people, personalities, and society. Then I began drawing a Utopian society of free thinking, expressive, kind people.

People who get along.

That is this project! Kind of. Certainly these super people are like real people... but our Earth is no Utopia. Sadly!

Kindness Rocks!

My art isn't just about what I put on a canvas. It's about changing minds, and helping people directly.

Thus far over half my profits have gone to benefit a local food pantry in my hometown of Leominster, MA!

If you can't get enough, contact me and say "Hi" — or ask about getting some art on your walls!