Improving the World With Art!

I believe in Love & Respect. ♥ Art is my tool for helping people and making strangers smile.

Positive Messages

I create positive messages about love and how we treat one another.

A lot of my views and messages were built on personal struggles—Bullying, mental illness, & stigma.

Accessible Art

I'm now selling affordable art prints on my shop. I also free all my art onto several social networks, for everyone to see. I hide free art around the town of Leominster too. 

I'm not too concerned with fine art traditions. I just want many people to see my art and understand my messages.

Charitable Donations

I donate 20% of my sales to charity; That currently goes to benefit Ginny's Food Pantry in Leominster, MA.

What Others Say

"Fantastic and fun use of colour and imagery! Your art always makes me smile AND think!"
—Jenn S.

—CutZy McCall, artist

"So simple and yet effective, positive and lively"
—Iphie, artist

"Ce que tu crée à une dynamique positive - impact : la joie - émotions" (What you create a positive momentum - impact : joy - emotions)
—Chadia B.