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Donations to local charity

Right now 20% of each sale is given to Ginny's Food Pantry in Leominster. / See past donations


Give me a review!

I'm looking for reviews on my new business page on Google. Some positive reviews would really help me get seen in Leominster, MA!

This will help me to create more donations, and run my art scavenger hunts!

by Matt Vaillette
September 17th, 2014
Leominster, MA, 01453

Which abstract portrait are you?

I've been painting this community of abstract portrait paintings for almost 2 years now.

Here are a few. I've also got some questions for you.

  • Which abstract portrait is your best friend?
  • Which intimate painting is you?
  • Which drawing is your biggest fear?
  • Which arrangement is of a family member?
  • Which person is your mortal enemy?
  • Which is your love?

I've got thousands more abstract portraits on my dropbox account— Go check it out!

Go on, love all =)

Don't forget to send me e-mail!

by Matt Vaillette
September 16th, 2014
Leominster, MA, 01453

A small community of abstract portrait art.
I have thousands more!

Birthday Flowers

Watch a video of me painting this artwork!

I just made & posted this flower art on someone's facebook wall; It was for their birthday!

Free digital flowers!

If it's your birthday, you're feeling down, or you just want some flowers...please write me and ask for some!

I'll happily make you some flower art, and send it electronically via e-mail or social media!

Giclee prints for sale

The flowers will be available to buy—but only one print will be sold, and 20% of the price will go to charity!

by Matt Vaillette
September 16th, 2014
Leominster, MA, 01453

I can make you digital flowers, just because!

I can make you digital flowers, just because!

Art Scavenger Hunt at Barrett Park!

Photo of a cat illustration in front of the location of the latest hunt.

The scavenger hunts in Leominster have been going well!

The latest one was at Barrett Park. I hid about 20 pieces at an undisclosed location, and gave people photo hints about where the art was hidden.

There was even a special "treasure" for one hunter to find!

Read more about this hunt >>

by Matt Vaillette
Location: Barrett Park, Leominster, MA
September 14th, 2014

My creative process! (blog)

I just posted a new entry about how and why my current creative process came to be. In case you didn't know, it's very "art therapy" focused. 

I've taken from the wisdom of artists, and of my own life, to create something that I feel is artistically successful, and very therapeutic.

This is the process I've been working on since late 2012...and I've become very "process" focused since then.

It's about the artistic process, the experience, & the therapy...not the product (artwork).


by Matt Vaillette
September 13th, 2014

Next Leominster Art Hunt

Tomorrow in Leominster I've planned another local scavenger hunt for artwork!

Some of the details are uncertain. I'm not entirely sure where in Leominster this hunt will be, for instance.


Depicted in the photo is a gold-rimmed SUPER  treasure. This one will be harder to find, and I hope Leominster citizens find it !

Hint: It may be located near smaller paintings, so if you find any of my artwork around Leominster, keep looking in that general location!!

Update: Read more!

Read more about this >>

I've created a blog post going into more detail about future plans, and the next art scavenger hunt in Leominster, MA!

Thanks Leominster, and happy hunting!

by Matt Vaillette
September 12th, 2014


This hard to find artwork will probably be hidden in the general location of smaller artworks.

Using art for therapy

Did you know that 2 years ago I turned my creative habits into art therapy habits?

Did you know that decades before that, I was miserable, depressed, and desperate?

Did you know that my studio art therapy changed everything?

Therapeutic results

I've been reliably happy & stable since the day I made the switch to doing art therapeutically! That's no small feat for someone with bipolar disorder.

I didn't see an art therapist. I used 2 paperback books; One was on cognitive behavioral therapy, and another was on trusting your artistic instincts.

I combined the books with previous knowledge, about myself, and wisdom from other artists, to create a new artistic process based on common sense, and being happy!

Today I released this blog post about just that. How I turned my artistic habits into art therapy habits. 

See how powerfully restorative artistic habits can be! Try it for yourself!


by Matt Vaillette
September 10th, 2014

abstract artwork that reminds me of art therapy

speaking love loudly for the love of others

Check out these new pages!

New pages relating to bigger picture goals, efforts, and ideas for Leominster, surrounding areas & online.

Leominster Artistic Goals

Improving Leominster with The Arts — my own goals, and efforts, as well as ideas for other ways we can improve Leominster, MA using artistic creativity & thought.

Improve business, educate, lower crime, and give everyone more interest activities to do!

My Donations

A short page about my donations to charity. Right now I donate 20% of each sale to Ginny's Food Pantry, a food pantry in Leominster, Massachusetts. You can see past donations and the current donation balance there.

My Cause: Improve the world with art!

My cause to improve the world, bit by bit, using my creativity. This page is about current efforts, as well as my commitment to continue improving them.

Topics covered: Happiness, accessible artwork, charity donations, social issues, and a call for feedback!

Call for feedback & collaboration

I'm looking to combine forces with people who have similar goals. Even something as simple as some honest feedback, or support, is quite helpful!

Accessible artwork

For $7, a 5x7" original, signed, matted piece of mixed media drawing. Sized for a 8x10" frame.

Read more or buy.

This product represents an effort to provide more accessible, convenient, affordable artwork to those who can't afford to spend $30+ on a painting.

Artists do need to make a living, but the propagation of artwork—and positive messages is important too!

This is an artistic experiment, and it WILL change as I explore new materials, techniques, and ideas. Stay tuned!

by Matt Vaillette
September 7th, 2014

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My Artwork at City Fest

Kristen and I hid 40+ new paintings at Carter Park tonight, in Leominster, MA.

Leominster is holding City Fest from 11am to 5pm tomorrow, 9/6/ there!

In the collection there are many portraits and some animal illustrations. Some snakes, some cats, and one cute doggy with a bone! Woof!

Artwork is hidden all over Carter Park, and in Pine Grove Cemetery. Pine Grove Cemetery is inside Carter Park; Stones there are from the 1700-1800s, so check them out!

The artwork is all over the cemetery, but I stayed away from the back fence.


This went well. Most of the artwork was snatched up, and people were happy!

by Matt Vaillette
September 5th, 2014
Carter Park, Leominster, MA

Scavenger Hunt Update

I may be quiet for a day or two; This evening I started making artwork for the next mixed media painting drop at Carter Park (Leominster, MA).

I've created about 30 mixed media paintings and drawings so farThis one has some animal illustrations!

The plan is to have the drawings in place for City Fest, which happens on September 6th—Less than two days away!

by Matt Vaillette
September 4th, 2014
Carter Park, Leominster, MA, 01453

Some of the artworks I've created to drop in Carter Park, Leominster, MA!

Digital art is REAL art

My most popular blog post from 2013. Just rewrote it and added new images. Check it out.

Here are some common searches on Google about digital media:

"Digital art is _____"

  • digital art is not art
  • digital art is cheating
  • digital are is not real art

This post is about will tell you why digital painting & drawing is a legitimate medium. Not everyone believes it, so here you go.


by Matt Vaillette
September 3rd, 2014

Animated GIF flower art by Matt Vaillette, 2014

Animated GIF flower art by Matt Vaillette, 2014

Beautiful Portrait Illustration!

This drawing is one of my favorites of August. I'll be hard pressed to top it in September!

I treated it first as a true abstract drawing before turning it into a person; This technique I've used off and on for a while.

I'm only printing it once. Contact me to buy it first!

"5fda" by Matt Vaillette, 2014

by Matt Vaillette
August 31th, 2014

digital art "5fda" by Matt Vaillette, 2014

New framed artwork for sale

Framed & matted mixed media portrait by Matt Vaillette.

Comes ready to hang! $35, a quick trip in the mail, and it'll be on your wall in no time.

The painting is 5x7" — the total size is about 9x11".

The matting allows you to remove the artwork in the future if you end up wanting to re-frame it!

And of course, part of the sale goes to Ginny's Food Pantry, feeding Leominster Locals!

by Matt Vaillette
August 31th, 2014

Creative Q&A with Matt by Matt

Q— "What's your primary artistic goal?"

A— "At my core, I want to help people. I want to use creativity to change minds. I want my creative process to be the grease that helps good things happen."

I want to make my living too, but without that love I'd be lost."

Q— "What do you see in your art?"

A— "When we look at one another, we see categories. We lump each other into categories. It helps us make sense of this place, but it also hurts.

When I see my collection, I see what, 8,000+ unique people? That's how it really is. That's how society is. We're all quite different, but most of us require some kind of acceptance too."

by Matt Vaillette
August 30th, 2014

abstract digital portraiture "34aa" 2014 by Matt Vaillette

Art hunt hint #1 in Carter Park, Leominster, MA.

The Great Art Hunt has begun!

I hid six pieces of artwork this morning in Carter Park, Leominster, MA.

Go out into the world, and find my art! If the response is good, I might do this regularly!

UPDATE: Scavenger Hunt success!

I heard online that some kids excitedly gathered 4 of those first artworks. When I looked at the park, around 4pm, all 6 portrait artworks were gone!

When I dropped more portraits (at 4pm) , some more excited kids were running around looking for them.

Very fun. I'll be doing this next weekend. Gonna try to put out some paintings tomorrow morning (Sunday) too.

by Matt Vaillette
August 30th, 2014
Carter Park, Leominster, MA

Art therapy & me

How I used art therapy to overhaul myself & my life.

Did you know that 3 years ago I didn't believe in at all?

10 years ago I couldn't look someone new in the face and communicate—I couldn't communicate staring at the floor either.

Well in 2012 I started using a new creative process. It was an experiment; It was tailored to counter my worst habits, and emblazon my greatest strengths!

Knowing nothing about art therapy, I combined behavioral therapy with a brand new style, and process, all in the name of my mental health.

In 2 days my depression was replaced with calm happiness.

Over the last 2 years I've begun to explore ideas about people, society, ethics, poverty, happiness, and of course individuality.

The risks, knowledge, and good health has given me mastery over myself, and a safe place to explore my beliefs.

Where I was once fearfully silent, I am now outspoken. Where I was once neutral, I am charging forth with some kind of help.

In 6% of my lifespan (2 years), I've solved 100% of my biggest personal problems. I've learned a lot, and grown a lot.

Thank you creativity. Thank you world.

digital artwork, "Sunshine in your brain cavity" by Matt Vaillette

by Matt Vaillette
August 29th, 2014