My Art Live Stream! (play by play)

Read about some art. Watch me make it! Yay.

The 11 Artworks

I quickly painted 11 colorful creations! On September 4th, 2015, a bit after midnight. Woo. The stream is about an hour long.

Most of the drawings were super happy. Happier than my normal painting style,  even     =]  ♥♥♥

#1 ♥ Happy Girl Scratching Her Head

This happy purple/pink-ish girl is my first colorful artwork of the night. 

It started slowly. Been feeling rusty lately. But then I hit the ground running!  WOoo. Art feels good.

I quickly found her in the scribbly pixel-canvas. After a little of this and that. Plus some hue changes (I love digital art). and Voila!

I never know what to name them though. Another "unnamed",. "Not yet named", "untitled", etc…you pick!! 

Hands, feet, and bodies don't appear too often in my art. It's a shame. They are awesome!


#2 ♥ Cheering in the sun!

Oh, yay. More hands in my drawings. Plus a happy sun.

This drawing changed often, and wildly. Right till it was done! --->

I love shifting the color palette with digital art tools.. It helps me to see what's really there. Just move a slider bar around~

A would-be prominent detail sometimes jumps out when you shift your hues and values around a lot. Even temporarily.

Feels like a game even. A fun art game!

Ha. Anyways, I'm glad the sun turned out as it did. I made my brush real big, for the rays. It looks sorta like a big orange sunflower. To me!

What do you see?

Cheer! Like her. Happy. Smiles. Yayayaya!


#3 ♥ Calm Angular Man

I'm very happy with this painting.

It started off with me tracing out a man to the musical beat (I wish you could hear !)... and ended with a very content and grateful vibe. 

He's so happy!!! Good feelings. =)

I think he's resting with a warm drink.


#4 ♥ Cheers! Time to dance!

I love this drawing.

I didn't at first, though! I ended up washing a big block of it out with blue. Then It was on its way to colorfulness!

She's obviously having fun dancing. And I was too! By now in the video I was groovin'. Dancin'. Flowin'.

The drawings seemed to just come together. This one created itself!


#5 ♥ Super Happy Weird Guy <3

This drawing. Intense art! Don't you think?

I redrew this one a lot. The results were unexpected, and although not entirelypleasant....I love it!

SoOoOO weird! :F


#6 ♥ The "oops" dance!

Another painting of a dancer. This one was very accidental.

Umm...I closed a window that feeds into my streaming software. =0) This sort of messed up my layout of the whole shebang. Uh... woops!

So I wrote "oops" and then struggled with fixing the tech issue. But I got it.

Then I just made a quirky drawing without erasing the "oops!!" !!

This is my favorite painting of the 11…Yeah! mmmmhmm =) 


#7 ♥ Flooow dance

More dancing. I drew this hip fella is movin' and groovin'. In his own world. In a state of flow!

He's totally got nothing in his head—but dancing and music right now. Living it! Feeling it! 

Oh yea; This is how to feel alive! This is how I felt then !

This awesome drawing came together quickly! I'm back! :)


#8 ♥ Beehive awesome

Don't you love her grin?

She's a free-thinker with a beehive on her head!!!

But have you ever defied the laws of physics while dancing? That's what she is doing. I think.

What is she doing, anyways? hmmm.

"Painting of woman doing something silly". That's fairly appropriate!!


#9 ♥ Superdance

When did I get to be such a silly artist? Oh.. yea... 

These are some fun dance moves. And she looks sooo happy! <3

If anything represents my painting or artistic style well... it is this.


#10 ♥ Watermelon yayaya

Do you like watermelon?

I think this is the first painting of watermelon I've created.

But eating watermelon is like.. my favorite thing.

I hope you can enjoy anything half as much as I love watermelon.



#11 ♥ Dancey Time? maaaaybe...

The last painting of the night. I had been groovin', movin', and flowin' for an hour. Plus it was like 3am.


But this fella just looks so silly and cute. I imagine him bending over to pick up a coin. Or something.

To give back to someone!

He's so nice... :)

The stream (video)

Here it is. You can look at how my art happens! Future videos will include the music I'm listening to! (I borked the audio on this one)

Thanks for joining me!

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In the long run, I do plan on moving closer to the equator—That will keep me at peak motivation!

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